How to donate eggs in the UK

Altruistic egg donation is a wonderful, generous and selfless act. It allows a chance to make a real and meaningful difference in the life of another; to give hope to those who have none and offer a precious, life-changing gift that will help make another family complete.

It really is important that you are able to make a fully informed decision about whether egg donation is right for you. As the only organisation in the UK who specialise in finding and looking after altruistic egg donors, Altrui is 100% committed to giving you all the information and support you need to make your egg donation an easy and rewarding experience for all.

More information can be found on other pages and there is a selection of videos in which an Altrui egg donor talks to the experts and asks questions about egg donation. An information pack is also available to download or, if you would just like to talk it through (without any obligation at all), please get in touch directly and we will be happy to have a chat in complete confidence.

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The process was very easy, and straightforward from start to finish. All the staff I had any contact with at Altrui were friendly and caring, and very helpful. There was no pain during or after any of the treatment or procedures, my life style was not affected in any way that would make me hesitate in recommending donating, if you are thinking of doing it you definitely should.

Deborah - Egg Donor

I have always had the best advice/information from Altrui (far better than from medics), always clear practical and compassionate but also enitrely professional and with appropriate confidentiality. Sadly, there is no ‘magic wand’, but my experience is that Altrui will do their very best for you, and can get amazing results.

Rachael - Egg Donor

My egg collection went very smoothly and, minus feeling a tad uncomfortable, I feel fine! Altrui have made me feel like a true super-hero. Thank you for being there 24/7 and of course this all goes to the hospital too! Even though my journey is now complete they have reassured me they will keep in contact. I have absolutely loved hearing that my couple are overwhelmed and cannot describe how grateful they are. Although it’s anonymous it feels like there are always personal touches. I can only hope that my eggs will now work their magic and I wish my recipients all the luck in the world.

Liz - Egg Donor

When you think about the chance you’re giving someone to have a baby it makes the small amount of hassle totally worth it. And you get to find out lots about yourself and your own fertility in the process! The staff at Altrui and my clinic were lovely and supportive, they really care about making your experience as easy as possible

Laura - Egg donor

I would recommend Altrui at anytime and I know that already I have a friend who’s going to contact Altrui and see if she can become a donor.

Ella - Egg Donor

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