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Altrui are the UK’s leading egg donation experts, helping people like you become parents through egg donation. Our knowledge translates into an 86% success rate*, giving you truly excellent chances to build your family. With us, egg donation is simple, straightforward, and supported.

From finding your perfect egg donor to managing clinical treatment, our world-class teams will be there to support and streamline every step of your journey.

*cumulative clinical pregnancy rate (up to 3 recipient embryo transfer events from one cohort of donor eggs)


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Why choose egg donation with Altrui?

  • Outstanding success rates

    Our 86% cumulative clinical pregnancy rate gives you excellent chances. *(up to 3 recipient embryo transfer events from one cohort of donor eggs)

  • Fast donor matching

    We know that time is of the essence. Too often there are year long waiting lists for egg donors, at Altrui we are able to match in a matter of weeks not months.

  • Simple and supported

    Our packages are designed to make egg donation straightforward, and include unlimited supportive counselling, 7/7 advisor support, and low-travel options - all at no extra cost.

  • Cost-effective

    Our range of services are there to meet your needs, requirements, and timelines. Our pricing is transparent and all-inclusive, with insurance plans available through our partner, Gaia Family.

Stronger together: Apricity Partnership

Altrui is part of Apricity, the next-generation fertility clinic. While Altrui specialise in finding egg donors which meet your needs and preferences, Apricity handles all aspects of treatment for you and your donor. Through our partnership, we can be there for you at every stage of the journey, ensuring exceptional service and clinical excellence from start to finish. 

Guaranteed 8 Egg Donation Package (8 Eggs)

We’ll recruit your ideal egg donor and manage all of the clinical treatment you and your donor will need to create, transfer and freeze (for surplus) embryos. You will receive 8 donor eggs to use within a fresh egg donation cycle.

1:1 Egg Donation Package

We’ll recruit your ideal egg donor and manage all of the clinical treatment you and your donor will need to create, transfer and freeze (for surplus) embryos. You will receive all of a donor’s eggs to use within a fresh egg donation cycle, maximising chances of pregnancy and biologically-related siblings.

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Egg Donation in Spain

Our Egg Donation in Spain package includes everything you will need for an egg donation treatment cycle, including the availability of donor eggs and your clinical treatment. This offers the fastest route to care.

IVF with donor eggs - getting started with us


Book a first consultation with one of our expert egg donation specialists. This is completely free and there is no obligation to proceed.


During the call we will discuss your medical and fertility history, and what your preferred needs and criteria are for an egg donor. We’ll talk you through our process and…


…You sign up with us as a client, and we will start looking for your donor. On average this takes a matter of weeks, depending on your criteria. During this time you will be supported by our advisor team on hand to answer any questions or worries you have.


Once we find you a donor we’ll be in touch straight away, we only do this when we’re certain we’ve found your perfect match that fits your criteria.


Once you’re happy with your egg donor, you'll begin treatment with our fertility clinic Apricity, the UK's first virtual fertility clinic.

Explore egg donation with Altrui & Apricity

Altrui by Apricity are the UK leaders in egg donation, bringing altruistic egg donors together with people who would love to have a child. Our unique approach puts you and your donor at the centre of everything that we do, ensuring you both have the right information, support and medical care to give you the best chances of success.

Is egg donation right for you?

There may be many reasons you are looking into using donor eggs for IVF treatment. Often the decision comes at the end of a long and difficult journey and many attempts with your own eggs, however egg donation can help for a number of reasons:

Your age

Our research has shown there is a 7x greater chance of success for women over 42. At Altrui we have an 86% success rate for egg donation.

Same-sex couples

For many same-sex couples, the only route to becoming parents is through egg donation and surrogacy. We are partnered with My Surrogacy Journey and have helped many become parents in this way.

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Medical conditions

You may not be able to fall pregnant with your own eggs if you have conditions such as premature ovarian insufficiency or premature menopause. Or you may have had surgery, chemotherapy or other medical conditions that prevent you conceiving.

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