Donor egg IVF is not always the first choice for women and couples looking to conceive. Egg donation is a deeply personal decision, and not for everyone, but it is incredibly effective. Statistics recently published by the HFEA showed that for women over 40, donor egg IVF is seven times more likely to result in pregnancy.

If you would like to explore donor egg IVF in the UK, we are here to hold your hand and ensure you have everything you need to make an informed decision.

With outstanding success rates, Altrui leads the way in egg donation. Our one-to-one matching, where all of an altruistic donor’s eggs are given to one recipient or recipient couple, gives us the highest pregnancy rates in the UK (ten years running), and allows for genetically-related siblings. Our relationship with virtual fertility clinic, Apricity, also means that fertility treatment for you and your donor has never been more convenient. Discover donor egg IVF in the UK with Altrui with an information pack and a phone call today.


Why Altrui’s Donor Egg IVF?


One-to-One Donor Egg IVF 

Aside from our recipients having all of an egg donor’s collected eggs, our one-to-one donation also means careful matching. We spend a lot of time and care to ensure that not only we match you to someone who looks as m

uch like you as possible, but someone that we think you’d really like, if you were to meet them. We provide some of the most detailed, non-identifying information about our donors, more than most places in the UK. Enquire about our donor profiles to find out more.

Donor Egg IVF Facts

Undergoing donor egg IVF in the UK is safe, secure and a wonderful option for women and couples in the UK looking to start a family or have another child. Our commitment to recipient and donor care is second to none, and our world-class clinic partners ensure that you’re looked after once we’ve found you a donor. Our satellite pathways, in partnership with our sister, Apricity, also mean that fertility treatment is more convenient and comfortable than ever before. You and your donor can have treatment as close to home as possible, safe in the knowledge that we are always a call away.

For over 10 years, we’ve been the leaders in UK donation. Get in touch today to find out how we can help.