We understand that for some people an important part of coming to terms with egg donation is feeling that care has been taken to match you with the right egg donor – one with whom you would feel comfortable and would like, if you knew her. Given that you won’t meet or know her, it is even more important for us to do the best for both you and your donor.

However, over and above this, when we match you with a donor we are doing so with the future child in mind. We are not just trying to meet certain standard criteria. Our aim is to ensure, as much as we can, that a future child will fit comfortably into your family. We would like him or her to have characteristics in common with you, not just physically but in personality and character as he or she grows up in your family.

Altrui’s child and family centred approach to donor egg IVF is one of the factors that sets us apart in the field of egg donation and particularly appeals to those recipients who have a similar longer term vision. Our intention is that should your child, or you, and the donor have any contact in the future, then none of you need have any concerns about this.

Information gathering

In registering with us you will have given us details of your physical characteristics on the registration form, as will all our donors. We take these into account when we are looking for an egg donor for you, but we will also want to find out about your backgrounds, interests and hobbies and look for similarities in personality and character between you. Additionally we will ask you for a photograph of yourself on your own, and one of you together if you are a couple. We will do the same with the egg donor as we use these as an extra guide when matching.

The information that we use is based on what you and the egg donor provide. We understand that you are unique and we will do our best to find someone who fits really well with you.