Webinars for egg recipients

We host regular webinars, in which a variety of experts and guest speakers cover different topics related to egg donation. If you missed any of our live webinars, you can find the recordings below to watch them on demand when and where it suits you.

Medical Q&A

Watch this egg donation chat between Dr Luca Sabatini, Apricity’s Chief Medical Officer, and Becky Kearns, at DefiningMum. In the talk, we address your questions around the more practical, medical aspects of donor egg IVF.

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Donor story: DefiningMum with Jackie & Sarah

Hear DefiningMum in conversation with Sarah, our superstar donor coordinator, and Jackie, one of our amazing egg donors. If you’re interested in learning more about egg donation from both the recipient and donor perspective, this video is for you!

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Egg donation and fertility treatment in the light of Covid

If you’re interested in exploring different aspects and perspectives involved in egg donation and fertility treatment, particularly during a global pandemic, then this webinar hosted in partnership with DefiningMum in April 2021, is for you.

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Discovering donation

Event hosted in partnership with DefiningMum in September 2020, in which we chatted through the emotional aspects of egg donation, outlined what to expect when reaching out to a donation agency, and heard stories from a recipient (DefiningMum), a donor and a donor-conceived adult.

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Donor decisions and beyond

In May 2020, we brought together a special panel of women to hold an open, informative and vulnerable discussion on conception with donor eggs. Our speakers explored the nuances of the process through a discussion with questions asked by the audience in advance.

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Egg donation stories

An informal chat with Altrui founder, Alison Bagshawe, followed by a recipient and a donor who shared their experiences and feelings towards egg donation.

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Egg donation information

An informal chat with Altrui founder, Alison Bagshawe, egg donation blogger DefiningMum, and a wonderful Altrui donor. We covered the process of egg donation with Altrui, the impact of Coronavirus and stories from both a recipient and donor.

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