Here you can find the lovely feedback we’ve received from both our amazing egg donors and egg recipients. We hope reading these experiences will bring you some clarity and answers to your questions about egg donation.

Egg Donor testimonials

Read below our egg donor testimonials and learn more details about the process and how they felt throughout the journey with Altrui. You can find the egg recipient testimonials here.


Ella: Altrui and Apricity were helpful and clear at every stage. There were a few hold ups, I guess because of covid, but otherwise the whole process went smoothly from first contact to egg collection day. Always someone I could contact if I had questions, and all the medical professionals so kind. I’m already considering donating again.


Jemma: In my experience with other clinics, I felt I was part of a business, an asset, disconnected, left alone, but I feel the opposite at Apricity, I feel very much respected and looked after as a human, almost like a team-mate. Very well done to everyone at Apricity and Altrui, this is a team of people who are open to feedback, flexible, and very good at making timely improvements. They made this the best fertility journey I have ever had! I want to say a big thank you to everyone at Apricity and Altrui, everyone has been amazing, the whole philosophy and ways of looking after my journey are innovative and lovingly. I will not go elsewhere.


Abbie: I have donated my eggs and I can honestly say it was an incredibly calm and easy process. My journey started all the way back in 2019 however due to the Covid circumstances I’ve only recently been able to finish my donation, but my gosh was it worth it!! Any questions or concerns I had, they were right there to explain and ease my nerves. They were incredibly warm and welcoming. Obviously with how everything works you do need to be prepared when you start taking the hormones to only have days notice if you need a scan or to come into the clinic for the procedure as it’s such a small window they (and you) can’t afford to miss it. However, I found that they made that very clear from the beginning so wasn’t a surprise when it did happen. Knowing I have been able to help a couple start their own family is probably going to be the best experience I will ever have in life❤️


Emma: Altrui have been absolutely fantastic throughout my entire egg donating process, the staff were all lovely, extremely helpful and caring, and were there to speak to whenever I needed. Any questions I had were always answered and I don’t once have any concerns. I would 100% recommend Altrui to anyone thinking about becoming a donor, they have made my entire experience truly amazing and I’m thrilled to have had the opportunity to help change someone’s life by donating. Altrui and the staff at the clinic always made sure I was well cared for, and the clinic was wonderful at accommodating my appointments with my work schedule. During the process I was always well informed, and Altrui made sure I was given all the information I needed, including some helpful tips to prepare me for donating.I’m so grateful to everyone that helped me through this, I would definitely consider donating again in the future, and I wouldn’t use anyone but Altrui if I did it.


Marina: I donated my eggs with Altrui two times already and I can say for sure that some of the most amazing people in this world are working with them. The whole process is quite amazing and they make you feel cared for and welcomed every step of the way. The nurses and doctors go out of the way to make you feel secure and comfortable. You can be sure that your health is always a priority. I didn’t feel uneasy or insecure not even for a second. Getting to donate something so important like that it’s an amazing opportunity and an incredible feeling. You can see how happy you are making someone else and that is priceless. Overall I’m very happy I chose Altrui and I more than recommend them.


Sadie: The support Altrui have given me throughout my donation journey has been outstanding and I truly can’t thank [the team] enough for all their help and guidance from start to finish. I’ve always wanted to help a couple have a family of their own especially after witnessing the heartache my friends fertility issues put her through so I then desperately wanted to make a dream come true. I truly hope that it’s the start of a very exciting journey for my recipient. I couldn’t have done any of this without Altrui! They’ve helped me do something I’ll cherish forever whilst helping me overcome a few fears on the way too. Thank you Altrui for being the lovely team that you are, you do a great job.


Laura: When you think about the chance you’re giving someone to have a baby it makes the small amount of hassle totally worth it. And you get to find out lots about yourself and your own fertility in the process! The staff at Altrui and my clinic were lovely and supportive, they really care about making your experience as easy as possible.


Jemma: For many years I’ve wanted to become a donor and I am so thankful Altrui came to my attention and I went forward. One of the most amazing experiences I have ever gone through, the staff at both Altrui and the clinic were phenomenol, so understanding, so patient and so quick to be able to help with anything. I will certainly miss hearing and seeing their faces for now but I am certain I will be donating again.


April: I can not fault my experience at all! Everyone has been so amazing with everything. Made me feel very as ease and were happy to answer any questions I had. I would 100% recommend and would most definitely go through them again when I am ready to donate again. An experience I am so glad I have done and very pleased to have such a great support from them. Thank you.


Sandra: Donating eggs is the most selfless thing I have ever done. Altrui made it so easy and made me feel so cared about. The clinic staff were so amazing and friendly. The actual treatment was easy to understand and I had no side effects from it. The procedure was over within 25 minutes and I suffered no side effects from it. I absolutely want to do it all over again to continue to help recipients.


Natalie: All the help and guidance I received from the kind people at Altrui was faultless! They were there every step of the way, including after the procedure. I felt like I could ask them anything. They made sure I was happy and well looked after. Not only that but they were so appreciative on their client’s behalf, which inspired me hugely.


Rebecca: The whole process of egg donation, to me, was quite easy. The hardest part, I think, was trying to write about myself for my profile! I was worried about injecting myself with the hormones but my nurse was happy for me to ring her when I was about to do it and I had absolutely no problems and didn’t find it uncomfortable at all. If I ever needed anyone, there was always someone at the end of the phone. I was never worried because I knew I’d be able to speak to someone and Altrui sent me plenty of helpful information. The team assigned to me for the procedure were very informative, helpful and attentive and I would highly recommend every team for every part of the experience.


Marisa: Both Altrui and the clinic were amazing. They were both very attentitive. The support and information I received along the way were phenomenal. It was a pleasure to work with the both of them. They were both professional and friendly throughout the process. It was an enjoyable experience and an even better one to know that you could be the difference for a couple and their potential for a newborn miracle!


Alanya: My egg donation journey was simply amazing! From start to finish I felt 100% supported in every single step of the way. I am so glad that I chose Altrui to assist with my donation. They were absolutely fabulous! I could not recommend the company highly enough. Keep doing exactly what you’re doing and helping to make dreams come true.


Jennifer: I couldn’t recommend Altrui or the clinic I used enough. Kind, caring and thoughtful people who were there for me at every step of the process.


Kira: A massive, huge thank you to everyone at Altrui – I have recently done one of the most rewarding things in my life, donated eggs, and it would have been impossible without Alison and her team.

Before making this decision I read through numerous clinic websites and although they contained very useful information, the approach was quite impersonal and did not appeal to me. Something wasn’t right about this for me, and I abandoned the idea of donating for a couple of months. Discovering Altrui website and Facebook page was an absolute game changer – this was the point when I decided that I will be donating, as I could see how Altrui is different in their support, care and very personal approach to both donors and recipients.

The idea of donating to a particular, carefully matched person/couple rather than just an egg bank was something that made it right for me, as well as tons of support offered by Altrui – I knew I wouldn’t be alone in this journey. Clinic staff were marvellously caring and accommodating around my commitments, and the whole process was much less stressful than I thought it would be. Injections can be a bit scary at first but in 1-2 days they become easy and routine like a morning cup of coffee. I think the most difficult part for me was the actual egg donation, as 1-2 days prior to it I did get quite bloated, and although the procedure was done under sedation and I can’t remember anything, I had to take it easy for a couple of days after due to some cramps, which are absolutely normal and are easily relieved with paracetamol. But it is worth it a hundred times – the sense of achievement you get is just hard to put into words. After egg collection clinic staff brought me a delightful gift from my recipient family, full of meaning for all of us, as well as a note with words that touched me deeply. Reimbursement of expenses came to my account the next day after donation procedure, again thanks to Altrui being so organised! I think it’s also very important to have support from people close to you – my husband was very supportive and proud of my decision and took great care of me throughout, attending the egg donation procedure with me and looking after the house and our daughter when I was not feeling well. Again, Altrui were there every step of the way and I could feel genuine care and support from their side. For me it would not be possible to donate without them, without this constant feeling of reassurance and firm, gentle support from people who know what they are talking about and people who care about you and your wellbeing. Altrui, thank you for being there for me and all the other egg donors!


Alice: Donating my eggs anonymously was totally worth it! It’s an amazing feeling to have helped a couple try and become a family and I feel very lucky to have given them some hope. Also Altrui were exceptional and amazing every step of the way.


Corinne: I have recently donated my eggs for the first time, after using Altrui. They found the best clinic in my area, with an amazing caring doctor! And, most importantly, they matched me with an incredible recipient couple! Throughout my journey with Altrui, everyone around me told me what an amazing thing I was doing. And tbh, it didn’t feel quite as amazing to me – it just felt right, felt normal. Everyone deserves the chance to at least try for a family, and to me, that’s all I was doing – giving them that chance. To me, it was just a short course of medication and then my part was done. BUT, after the procedure, I was handed a gift from my recipient and a note inside. It was only after reading this note that I truly understood the impact of what I had given this couple. While this is certainly one of the things I am most proud of myself for doing, it’s not entirely life-changing for me – I’ve always been a caring person that will help others, but my day-to-day life is still the same. But to my recipient, it has changed their own world! It’s not just a handful of eggs, it’s the chance of a family, it’s a massive bundle of hope, it’s their dreams hopefully coming true! And all of this is down to Altrui! Every little detail is explained every step of the way – at 6.30am and at 11.30pm! They really do value their donors AND their recipents! I honestly cannot recommend Altrui enough! Thank you so much for helping change a couple’s life!


Iona:  The whole process was really easy and I felt really appreciated and valued throughout the whole process! My mum doesn’t phone me as much as Alison & the team did to make sure I was ok! They made sure the recipient was right for me and fitted with my values. Now, what you really want to know- pain levels! Injections- don’t hurt!!!! sharp scratch then no pain! Scans- a little uncomfortable but don’t hurt! Egg collection- you’re completely unconscious so its fine. After egg collection- depends on the person, everyone else in my ward seemed uncomfortable but fine! However, I was in quite some pain but I am not the norm!! Don’t worry! Apparently, people don’t usually ask “How was my vagina?” to the nurse when they’re coming round… Completely worth it! Do something amazing! If you were in that position you would want someone to do it for you – right?


Emma: The experience as a whole has been amazing. I cannot fault the dedicated staff at Altrui who really do have donors at the heart of everything they do. Such a personal and caring service. I felt fully informed at every stage and it ran so smoothly. The clinic was lovely and the staff there mirrored the caring and thoughtful service I received from Altrui. It has been a real pleasure from start to finish and I would recommend donation to anyone who is able to. I feel so privileged to be part of something so special and can’t wait to find out more about how my donation has helped someone start or expand their family.


Coral: I would definitely recommend Altrui to everyone! In fact, I already have! I cannot fault a single thing! They really did support me brilliantly, from that very first phone call, all the way to after my donation was made! The clinic they referred me to was just as brilliant too! Very caring doctor who actually remembered little things said at the previous appointments (even the things not relating to the donation, e.g. things about my family). I will continue to speak openly about my experience with Altrui, and will send anyone their way that asks me for more information! Thank you so much Altrui for allowing me to help a couple get their much wanted baby!


Melissa: The whole process was great and fitted into my life easily. The team at Altrui and the clinic were amazing and made me feel well looked after. I feel so privileged that I have had the opportunity to do this. The other great thing was how open and honest Altrui and the clinic have been about the process and the future of the eggs I have donated. I really feel part of something incredible and even though my part is now over, I still feel very looked after and informed.


Sian: I would recommend Altrui to anyone thinking of donating. They were helpful from the beginning to the end. They were always checking up to see how I was going on and they would respond to my calls and texts quickly. The staff are so friendly and made me feel at ease. Even when recovering after the egg retrieval they rang to check up on me and gave me the best advice for after care. I feel so happy that I have been able to help a couple and have given them the best gift they could ever ask for – a family. I would definitely think about donating again in the future.


Liz:  Probably the best thing I’ve ever done. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to help another couple create their very own family. Not only that, but what I have learned from the entire process about myself and fertility are invaluable!


Jemma: I have had my egg collection and I cannot express how much Altrui have been there for me every step of the way. They always made me feel very special and comfortable every step of the way through my journey. Alison goes to such immense amounts of care when matching you up with your recipient that it can take a while but it’s very exciting waiting to hear! The actual process was only just under 2 weeks from the time the injections arrived to me having my egg collection, I found it so so easy and would do it again in a heartbeat and I would certainly recommend Altrui to anyone thinking about being so generous as to offer being an egg donor!


Kerri: One of the best things I’ve done! The staff at Altrui are so helpful and friendly, I felt so looked after at every stage of the process. I would recommend Altrui for anyone thinking to donate as they really do care! The support I had was amazing and they were never more than a phone call away if I needed anything.


Nicky: As an egg donor you will play an essential part in the process that could give someone the most amazing gift: that of a baby. I cannot imagine the heartache that some couples endure in trying to become parents, an ability that most of us take for granted. I feel so lucky that I am even in a position to help. To not do so seems almost a waste. Extracting eggs is sadly, not as easy as getting hold of sperm. You will have to inject yourself probably 10-14 times: the first time I did it it felt a bit weird, but after that it was fine. I had to keep reminding myself that many people have to inject themselves every day for the rest of their lives and do so without complaint. The thing I was most worried about was feeling hormonal and I didn’t at all, I felt great. The procedure itself was really straightforward, very little discomfort on the day itself, swelling afterwards, but that is to be expected. The thing is, all these minor inconveniences pale into insignificance when you consider what you are actually doing: giving the gift of life and hope.


Daisy: I felt incredibly well cared for though the week before the procedure and the time after it have been uncomfortable (though I am only a day after my procedure as I write this), I think that this was inevitable and I was actually surprised at how low the discomfort level was. The level of contact and attention was outstanding, and I would definitely consider donating again, as they have been wonderfully caring and helpful at every stage of the donation process, from initial inquiry to aftercare.


Leanne: There are no words to describe the true sense of achievement and happiness that I felt after my donation. To be able to give a couple the most amazing gift of a child and play a part in such a special process was worth every minute of my time. I truly wish the best for my recipient couple and hope that their pregnancy is a smooth and successful one, bringing a child that answers all of their prayers.


Marta: From the start to the beginning everything was perfect. Alison was ALWAYS available, reassuring and kind to me. There are no words to describe the joy that donating my eggs has given me. It was definitely the best experience of my life. I am not ready for children myself, but I keep losing my eggs every month, so I thought – why not put them to a good use? My parents gave me so much love and I wanted to enable another couple to do the same for their child. Altrui is a wonderful organisation, which transforms people’s lives: it gives couples a hope and possibly a chance of becoming parents, while donors experience a huge a sense of fulfilment.


Kirsty: Everyone was so lovely, open and approachable that until they make the process even simpler there was very little I would change. I found the experience of being a donor so rewarding. I met lots of amazingly nice people and have just about conquered my fear of needles!


Natalie: It all started with questions which Alison answered and she then went above and beyond the call of duty for you regardless if you did want to donate or decided that you didn’t. Not only were they there to answer my calls or emails, they were also there for support like a friend. From day one I was treated with respect and with such high consideration, they helped me discuss the needles (phobia) and, hand on heart, ITS NOT BAD!!! Alison I can’t rate highly enough, but dealing with her yourself I hope you see the love she has inside to help others and support them – one truly amazing woman! With her knowledge, respect, support, kindness, answers, guidance (the list could go on) I feel at ease that I chose Altrui and to help that future family through them.


Lara: Maybe bit more emphasis on how time consuming the process is, would have been helpful. If the ACU is not very local then travel arrangements around work commitments can be difficult.


Emily: There is not one thing you could have done to make my experience any better/less stressful. You were amazing and I would recommend you to anyone thinking of becoming a donor. I highly recommend Altrui. You will be dealt with in a caring and courteous manner and be made to feel so so special. Any questions or queries I had were answered quickly, sometimes even before I had thought to ask them. There are no words to say how happy I was going through Altrui.


Amy: They were so helpful, friendly and positive about the whole experience, from first contact to post-collection aftercare. They made sure I had all the information I needed to make an informed decision, helped answer all my questions and checked on me regularly to see how I was feeling throughout the process. They praised me for becoming a donor and always made me feel valued, appreciated and special. I don’t know yet whether the couple I donated to will be successful, but the team at Altrui helped me see that the gift I was giving was not a guarantee, but the gift of hope and, indeed, altruism. Regardless of the outcome, I feel very good about donating through Altrui and would consider doing it again in the future.


Alice: Altrui are so kind, nice, will always be on the end of the phone and are there if you have any question at all. I wouldn’t choose any other organisation, these are definitely the best. Even so committed that Alison came down from Yorkshire to look after me after the procedure when none of my friends or family could. You are in safe hands with them.


Jane: After a lot of thought I decided to try donating my eggs, I contacted Alison at Altrui and she was very helpful giving me all the information I needed. I have just successfully donated my first lot of eggs and found it to be a very rewarding experience and nowhere near as difficult as I first thought it would be. The worst parts are the taste of the nasal spray, but a sweet or drink sorts that out, and the injection which doesn’t really hurt that much – I found it was more in my head, the thought of doing it was a lot worse than the deed itself. Everyone at the clinic was also very friendly and I have not got a negative thing to say about the whole experience.


Liz: The process really was so easy and painless. The information, support, advice and help is second to none and Altrui and the clinic cannot do enough. It was a pleasure to help and really didn’t involve too much, everything was so simple. Personally, I felt I was treated first class by everybody. Any questions/concerns I had were answered promptly and explained in great detail. It really is the best thing I have ever done, I feel great.


Laura: I had a very good experience donating with Altrui. The Lister were very good at what they were doing but it was nice to have someone to support you along the way, and everyone from Altrui has been really lovely. I’ve had a few friends express an interest in donating and I’ve told them to go to Altrui as first port of call as I found all of the other websites/information about registering to be a donor can be a little bit intimidating.


Emma: Being a donor has been the most exceptional experience of my life. To help someone achieve their dream of creating a family is the greatest gift you can ever give and one that can never be described through words. By doing my donation through Alison and her team at Altrui , it gave me the additional support and encouragement for me to support a great couple, who truly deserve the chance to have a beautiful little baby. I would urge everyone to give the gift of life to a fellow human being. It is the most humbling experience ever. Thank you Alison, Sarah and Anthony for your continued support and for helping me to do the best thing I will ever do. xxx


Chanice: Making my mind up to do this wasn’t difficult. When I was 17 I was told that I potentially wouldn’t be able to have children, for 6 whole months I cried myself to sleep most nights and whenever any of my friends got pregnant or had babies I raged with jealousy because I wanted that more than anything. 6 months later I returned to the hospital for a check up and the doctor didn’t even know what I was talking about, everything was fine and she couldn’t find anything wrong with me. From that day I felt saddened by the fact that there are thousands of women out there desperate to have babies and they can’t – well I’ve been in their shoes but fortunately I wasn’t there for long and I knew that this was something I had to do. In addition I wasn’t using my eggs, so why be selfish and let them waste when there’s families out there I can help and bless them with a precious and priceless gift. Throughout the whole process I told Alison I didn’t want the money – but it is compensation. The money I have put into an ISA for when I choose to set up a family of my own because – that money isn’t mine. The whole experience of being an egg donor has been mind blowing, the support, satisfaction and gratitude you receive just in the initial process is amazing. You never realise what you are doing until you hear little bits of information about your recipients. I believe in my heart-of-hearts that the night before my egg collection they sat up all night not being able to believe that potentially in 3 weeks time they could be pregnant! The whole feeling of selflessness you feel through the whole process is unbelievable and I know 100% I will be doing this process again, and I knew from day one of getting in touch with Altrui that my mind was made up and I wouldn’t pull out, I couldn’t bare to let that family down. The family wrote a letter to me and they stated the one phrase I needed to hear from them to really put my mind at rest, ‘unconditional love’. I have no worries or concerns that a child and potential siblings will not be cared for and loved by this family, they clearly want this so bad I am just so satisfied that I could offer this to them. The side effects after the treatment aren’t very nice but the overwhelming sense of knowing what you have done really does overcome this! I produced 38 eggs for my recipients and I had a Cheshire Cat grin when the clinic told me this, I hope and pray that they are successful because it’s now out of my hands and I also hope that my eggs survive freezing so they can have siblings. In all honesty my one and only concern about the process was the suppositories. I’ve never had them before but I felt nothing as I was out for the count. Every single person in Altrui and City Fertility have been amazing with me and I don’t just put it down to my age, I put it down to the passion that glows through them every time I met them, everyone has been amazing. If you are considering egg donation think about it first but also remember that you are giving a family something that they have wanted for years, something that doesn’t have a price on it, something that they will cherish every second of their lives, what an amazing journey. Thank you!


Ellie: I am so very grateful to Altrui for the support they have given me over this journey, they have made the process so much easier and have been so incredibly patient and understanding with any questions or concerns I have.


Maisie: Wonderful organisation and amazing people; someone was with me every step of the way with a common, altruistic goal. I cannot recommend Alison and her team highly enough! I’d definitely work with Altrui again.


Natasha: Altrui have been hugely supportive through the whole process. Someone was always there to answer questions and give advice. The Altrui forum also meant that I could chat with other donors to get their thoughts and support. The staff at the hospital went out of their way to make the process as easy and painless as possible – at times I felt like royalty in the clinc. I would definitely recommend Altrui to anyone thinking of becoming a donor.


Ella: I signed up to be a donor in September or October and already the same day I had an e-mail from Altrui, which really impressed me, also because sometimes you can wait for days before you get a respond. But not Altrui, they have been so unbelievable kind and helpful to me. During the process I attended a lot of appointments at Guys Hospital in London and I must say that the staff at this hospital are incredible. I have never been treated so good at a hospital here in the UK. They made you feel so welcome and everytime you met a new member of staff at the hospital they would thank you and praise you for what I was doing for the couple, which made me feel as a very good person. Yesterday I donated my eggs and I must say that it was absolutely painless and I didn’t feel a thing after the procedure. And today I haven’t had any pain. The thing which has always been my biggest concern since I signed and got approved to be donor, was if the couple would be able to get their biggest dream come true. Even now after have done the donation, I won’t stop thinking about it. But hopefully now with my help they have come a bit closer to fulfill their dream. I want to send a big, special and warm thank you. Thank you so much for all the support that you have given to me. Both of you have been absolutely amazing. I also want to thank them for being so helpful when it came to help book my tickets so that I could go to London. I would recommend Altrui at anytime and I know that already I have a friend who’s going to contact Altrui and see if she can become a donor. THANK YOU ALTRUI FOR BEING SO AMAZING!


Charmaine: Donating my eggs was something that I had been thinking about for a long time as my family is now complete and I didn’t want my spare eggs to go to waste. I contacted Alison and her team for more information as of course I had a lot of questions to ask. From the first call to Alison I felt at ease and all my questions were answered. I was delighted when I was matched with a couple who wanted my help. I had to meet with various doctors and nurses who further advised me on the donation process. Altrui contacted me very regularly to ensure that I was doing well and to ask if I had any questions. I hope that my donation is the start of something amazing for this couple that will hopefully result in them having their very own bundle of joy.


Kelly: Altrui have made my dream of being a donor possible with the best care and support during the whole process from start to finish. Very friendly and informative staff that go above and beyond for you, respecting all aspects of your reasons and wishes. Altrui has been excellent throughout the whole time.


Caroline: Being a donor through Altrui was the best decision I ever made, I was treated absolutely wonderfully by all the staff at Altrui, and I would wholly recommend that anyone thinking of becoming a donor should choose Altrui.


Ella: I have now been a donor twice and both times have been through Altrui. Because I have been a donor twice and told some my friends about it, they are considering been a donor themselves and I have told them to contact Altrui. The reason I have told them to contact Altrui is because of the amazing support which I have received from them, and they are some the kindest people that I have ever met. The second time I was a donor I went to a private hospital in London. I have never met so passionate and kind hospital staff in my life, they made you feel like that you were a star because you are a donor. Because I was working while my cycle was going, the hospital always made sure that my scan and my blood tests was early in the morning, which I really appreciated. The day of my egg collection was amazing. I felt so welcome at the ward and every member of the staff was saying thank you and that it was a great thing that I was doing, which made me feel really good. After the collection was done I had no pain whatsoever and I was able to go home less than an hour after I woke up. Because of this experience I would for sure consider being a donor for a third time. Depending on what the future brings.


Charlene: I had considered donating eggs for many years but did not know whether this would be possible due to some past health concerns. From my initial enquiries, right through to the final egg donation stage I felt that there was always someone to talk to at Altrui for support and advice, and this always felt that they were naturally concerned for my welfare, and in no way pressuring me to go ahead with anything I was not 100% comfortable with. Admittedly, the process took longer than I originally anticipated but I never felt like I wanted to give up due to the support from the team at Altrui, and through the unique way that Altrui operate – even though my recipient was unknown to me, I felt a bond and a genuine desire to help them as they had invested their hopes in my participation. Now that my egg retrieval procedure is complete I wish my recipient good luck in the next stage of their journey, and I look forward to being able to donate my eggs again in future to give the same hope for another recipient.


Sapphire: Altrui made my egg donation a wonderful, lovely experience. I have wanted to donate for a long time and Altrui helped and guided me through with every question I had. As a donor you know what you’re doing is amazing but it is really nice for someone else to tell you what a wonderful gift you’re giving. They were all so wonderful, were always checking I was OK throughout the whole process. It is such an amazing feeling donating your eggs and if I could bottle this feeling up I would give you all a share. This is something I would be more than happy to do again and would recommend to anyone who is considering donating.


Anna: Donating with Altrui was an amazing experience and all the team were great and made it so easy, they were always there if I needed help and I could contact them at any time, day or night, with any question. It was my first donation so I didn’t know a lot about the whole process but conversations with Altrui made it all clear and everything felt right. They made me feel like I was a special person and they cared for me for the whole of that period. Before and after each appointment at the clinic I received a call or text just to ask how did it go and how I felt. I would recommend everyone to donate with Altrui as they are wonderful. I am really grateful, thank you xxx


Kate: A wonderful experience with Altrui, they always asked every day how I was and how I was feeling throughout the whole process. Expenses were reimbursed promptly. If I was worried about something, or wanted advice, they would text back straightaway anytime during the day. I felt like they took care of me and helped me throughout everything and I am so grateful that I managed to help other families through my donation and I would recommend Altrui to anyone.


Leanne: Altrui and the clinic all made my life time achievement of becoming a donor achievable. Always there for me, no matter how small the query and always kept in touch with me which was a big moral boost. I feel like all the staff weren’t just associates but friends too. As a previous donor via another clinic it’s really made me realise that I wouldn’t hesitate to donate again through them as they made the whole experience pleasurable and if I’m fortunate enough to do it again then I will look forward to the next cycle. I would highly recommend them with supportive staff, always there no matter what from beginning to end and beyond and I couldn’t of asked for anymore.


Sally: I have now found time to sit down with a nice cup of tea and the first thing I wanted to do was to contact you and say a huge thank you for your support with my donation. The whole team at Altrui are truly very special! What you do for donors and recipients alike is amazing and I hope you know what you do is greatly appreciated. I wanted you to know that the emails, texts, calls and time Altrui gave me made my second donation so very much more special. I am very proud of my first donation and it had amazing results however as I had approached the donation independently the whole process was at times frightening and I felt a lost sheep in a huge clinic that had no idea who I was or sometimes why I was there. Stumbling across Altrui was a dream come true, I wanted to donate again but knew I needed support. Altrui not only support you but feel like an extended family, one that completely understands what you’re going through and how you’re feeling and are just as excited about the donation as you! It sometimes felt that they could read my mind and when my hands were shaking with my first injection a text came through checking I was ok. When the hormones kicked in towards the end, messages of support helped me keep smiling! Thank you so much for matching me with my recipients; thank you for your help with with the paperwork; thank you for your availability when I wanted information; thank you for sending me to a clinic where the staff are friendly and took very good care of me; thank you for the support but, most importantly, thank you for being Altrui and providing a truly special experience! What you do is amazing! I am so very excited for my recipients and send them all the luck in the world, and I pray they get the family they want so much.


Lucy: I decided to be a donor after having my son. He brought us so much joy and it broke my heart to think that some couples would miss out just because they needed some eggs. After much research I found Altrui, they have been amazing from start to finish. I felt so supported and they were always on hand to answer even the stupidest questions I had. They were fantastic at talking me though what to expect with the process of growing the eggs and the removal and was on hand whenever I had queries even late at night. My husband was also very supportive which really helped me thorough all the injections. My Clinic was also brilliant, arranging early morning appointments so my work was unaffected by my choice to do this. I have now successfully donated 16 eggs so fingers crossed the recipient will now be able to get pregnant.


Rhiann: I have now successfully donated twice, and on both occasions it has been the most positive experience. Everyone I dealt with was extremely friendly and supportive and I felt very appreciated. Understandably egg donation isn’t for everyone, you do have to have quite a bit of spare time to attend appointments and injections aren’t pleasurable but certainly tolerable, but it is really worth it at the end. I can’t express the feeling you have when the couple get the end result we all hope for too. I would definitely recommend Altrui for anyone who was thinking of donating, they are an amazing team.


Sarah: Right from the word go, I was supported and very well informed. Alison was very friendly and incredibly knowledgeable about everything. Throughout the process every single person I had dealings with were amazing, friendly and efficient. There wasn’t a single moment where I thought I was on my own, or not supported. they there whenever I needed them, as little or as much as I wanted. This has been my experience so thank you for making it a truly memorable part of my life.


Charlotte: Egg donation is one of the most amazing, fantastic experiences I have ever had. The joy you get from it is indescribable; it’s the most amazing thing a woman can do, by helping another couple to have a child. I can’t wait to donate again – best thing I’ve ever done.


Nicola: From start to end Altrui were fantastic. They always put my mind at ease. Being able to donate was amazing, if I could I would do it all again. I was kept informed every step of the way and always felt like I was doing the right thing donating. A big thank you to everyone for making donating possible and easy.


Laura: Being an egg donor with Altrui was without a doubt one of the best experiences of my life. I feel so privileged to be able to help a couple conceive a child of their own – my son is my whole world and I can’t imagine life without him, let alone a life where I might never conceive a child at all. The team at Altrui were fantastically supportive, always encouraging me and making sure I was well informed at every stage of the journey, and the ACU at Guys were amazing too. It is a time consuming process during treatment and can be difficult to manage when working, but if you have the right support it will be the most wonderful experience you’ll ever have. I thought of my recipient couple every day from being matched to completing the treatment, hoping I wasn’t letting them down and that all would go well for all of us. Luckily, it did! I was overwhelmed by the lovely gift my recipient couple gave to me, it was such a thoughtful and unexpected gesture and I am keeping absolutely everything crossed that they have a successful result.


Gemma: I have completed my cycle of egg donation. It is something very special, I feel proud to have helped a special couple. It has made my husband and me think about extending our own family further. I would recommend others to help if you can, such a feeling of overwhelming pride, the ultimate gift! Thank you to Altrui for taking care of me throughout the process.


Sarah: Becoming a donor was one of the most amazing journeys, knowing that the gift you are going to give to someone is a life changing gift. From day one of my appointments and starting my treatment I received an amazing amount of support from both Altrui and the clinic I was allocated, they were with me every step of the way. The treatment looks a bit scary at first, thinking of injecting myself everyday, but it was so easy, and it didn’t hurt, I’m not good with needles either. The day of egg collection the clinic had a time slot ready for me, the nurses, doctors and embryologist all came to my room to talk through everything. They were all very friendly and helpful, after coming out of theatre the nurses were always popping in and out to check if I was ok. After a cup of coffee and a very tasty cookie, I was ok to go home. Before I went the doctor came round to tell me how many eggs they had managed to collect, I was amazed when he said 16. After I left I went home, put my feet up and relaxed.


Chloe: I’ve wanted to be an egg donor for many years but was always dubious about the process. After my first chat with Alison she dispelled any fears or doubts I had and has always spoken frankly and honestly about every step, whilst at the same time making sure all my questions or concerns were answered. I can’t thank Alison and the rest of the team enough for being so fabulous throughout this journey. They’ve made the whole process run smoothly, being there at every turn, answering every question and giving me moral support. I highly recommend any woman considering becoming a donor to get in touch with Altrui. They give a clinical process the human touch and that means the world. I know already that I want to do this again one day and know who to contact to make sure it goes as well as this time. Just knowing that I’ve helped give someone the potential to carry a child of their own is all the thanks I need and I know 100% that this was the right thing to do.


Rebecca: I felt Altrui were brilliant, they were very informative and incredibly helpful. I had a couple of issues with dates the clinic had given me due to my husband being away, but Altrui got in touch with them and got it sorted straight away. They are brilliant; they are there every step of the way. I can’t reccomend them enough! Thank you!


Deborah: The process was very easy, and straightforward from start to finish. All the staff I had any contact with at Altrui were friendly and caring, and very helpful. There was no pain during or after any of the treatment or procedures, my life style was not affected in any way that would make me hesitate in recommending donating, if you are thinking of doing it you definitely should.


Anna: It was my second donation and Altrui has been as wonderful as with my first donation!!! Always there if I needed to talk to or needed any information ? This donation was easier as I knew what to expect and had less hospital appointments. But the feeling was still the same!!! It felt great knowing that I could give this couple a chance of having family they’ve always wanted!!! Big thanks to Altrui team ? If you think to donate go with Altrui ? they are great!!! xxx


Sally: Altrui, as last time, were fantastic at ensuring I was looked after and had someone at the end of the phone or email 24/7. Everyone from Altrui I had contact with were friendly and professional and great to communicate with. I would like to thank Alison for her continued support during my donation and for being there to sort any hiccups! Altrui are truly a great support network for all involved and I hope to keep in contact with you … until next time!


Shinnara: I got all the support I needed from everyone at Altrui and they were all absolutely wonderful. If ever I had a question or a worry, I knew I could just pick up the phone and they would be there. They didn’t push me into anything and they let me have the time I needed to make decisions. Being a donor felt amazing. To be able to give a couple the family they dream of. It was worth every step I went through to know that I had changed their lives. I would and have recommended this to many of my female friends and would do this again.


Charlotte: This is the second time I’ve done egg donation and it’s the most rewarding feeling ever to know what you are giving to another couple. The emotion I feel afterwards is amazing and overwhelming. Both times I received thank you gifts from the recipients and both times I shall keep them and treasure them. I don’t feel like I need thanks, I just feel like as a woman that can help assist inside one having a family is all the thanks I need. I will definitely be donating again and will continue to do so as long as I can. Anyone considering doing this amazing thing I suggest you go for it, it’s truly amazing.


Leanne: Altrui and the clinic are a big part as to why I chose to donate again and again – without the fab service I wouldn’t have been able to do it and it’s been like a journey with friends each time. Lovely people, lovely place and I can’t recommend you all highly enough.


Charlotte: You are such a lovely team and always on the end of the phone! What amazing people you are to provide this service and to do it with such feeling! I couldn’t recommend you more! Thank you to all of you xxx


Lorna: Having some understanding, sadly through friends, of the heartache couples go through when they find out that they can’t conceive naturally and who I know would make amazing parents. I felt that this was something I really wanted to do. I felt that if I could help somebody who was in the same or similar situation to my friends I felt I had at least tried to do something to help someone. I contacted Altrui to say I was interested in becoming a donor. Most of my contact was through Alison, Kate and Sarah who are always so warm, friendly and understanding. After a few appointments, screening and checks I found out I was suitable to donate and that a couple had been matched to my profile. I was so excited to get started. After the egg collection I woke up to a friendly nurse handing me a gift bag. Inside was a beautiful gift that I wear with pride every day and a heartfelt letter from my couple. Reading their letter and seeing how grateful and genuine my couple are was what made this real for me. I knew I had helped someone, I’d given a couple hope. I have everything crossed for them. I know that their child will be so loved and cared for and will bring them the happiness they so deserve. These special people will always be in my thoughts.


Kirsty: Thank you to everyone at Altrui for taking such good care of me. You have been super stars!! You helped to fulfil my dream of becoming an egg donor and I couldn’t have done it without your kindness, support and dedication. Thank you Cathy for your initial first contact, and Kate and Alison for guiding me every step of the way and making me feel like I was sharing this experience with good friends. Thank you also to Sarah and Anthony for managing the finances seamlessly. I will definitely be in touch in the future to do it all again.


Charlie: Straight from the initial enquiry Alison and her team were fantastic. Always happy to answer questions, at the end of the phone/email whenever needed. I felt fully supported the whole way through. The weeks leading up to donation are a little stressful with lots of appointments (try and get annual leave if possible) but it was made easier by the Altrui team checking in with me each day to make sure I was okay. If you’re thinking of donating then go for it. The procedure itself is pain free and I was on a train home with a cup of coffee just after lunch! Best of luck to all those who are waiting for donor eggs … it will be worth the wait. Thank you Alison and team for all the support!


Kirsty: Altrui have been absolutely amazing – egg donation is something I have always considered doing. After my initial conversation with the team I knew I wasn’t going to be backing down as everyone I spoke to was so encouraging and positive, I just knew I was in good hands. Everyone at Altrui is incredibly supportive and no matter what time or how small the problem I knew someone would always be there to help me. The process wasn’t entirely smooth sailing in my case but Altrui took away the stress from me and handled arranging appointments that suited me to ensure I was comfortable. Whenever I travelled and sent in picture of my train tickets my funds were always back in my account within hours of sending them in. I would just like to thank everyone at Altrui for being so amazing – so much so that you may have persuaded me to go ahead and do it all over again!


Robynne: I genuinely feel that every aspect of the process, both from Altrui and the clinic, was excellent. I had no hesitation in asking questions as I felt comfortable and appreciated – not that I needed to ask many as I was given a wealth of information. Everyone I dealt with working at Altrui were an absolute pleasure and made the whole process easy and personal. Their support and communication were fantastic, they helped at every step of the way, as well as asking how each clinic appointment went, and enquiring about my welfare. They make you feel valued, and are genuinely happy and excited about all the successes they are a part of. I have loved being an egg donor and I am happy that I have been a part of such a special process. I have my fingers permanently crossed for the couple, and I will always have them and their child in my heart and thoughts, I wish them all the happiness.


Faye: I am so happy I went with Altrui. I had such a wonderful and comfortable experience and everyone in the team was so helpful and supportive of me. I kept in touch every time I had any appointments with my clinic or hospital, so there was always information that could be passed on to the couple I was helping which made me feel happy that this can keep everyone in the loop. I would like to say a huge thank you to Alison, Sarah and Kate for all your help and support – you made me feel so welcome when I first contacted you, and even at the end I still got all this support from you, so thank you! I really hope my couple get the news they have dreamed for and I wish my couple the very best!


Simone: I’m so happy that I chose to become a donor with Altrui, they are easily the best company to help and support you along the way. 24/7 guidance and support, never felt alone and got given plenty of information about the process. Thank you so much for all you guys have done supporting me along this amazing journey.


Kealy: Altrui were amazing, always there for me when I needed them. Any queries or concerns I had were always answered quickly to put my mind at ease. The whole process wasn’t as daunting as I thought it would be. The actual egg collection was surprisingly easy, I woke up pain free and happy! So glad I could help ? Couldn’t have done it without the great staff at Altrui. Thank You!


Sarah: I found being a donor a really rewarding experience and it was much easier than I had anticipated. Both the team at Altrui and at the unit were wonderful, caring and considerate, and were always available if I had any questions or for support. We soon got the hang of the meds and I luckily didn’t feel any effects from them. I found the procedure much quicker, easier and less painful than I had thought it might be. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Altrui.


Phillipa: Altrui have been very supportive. I am very happy to have been through the process of egg donation with a group of professionals who care so genuinely about both the donors and the couple seeking fertility treatment. It’s a very emotional time for both sides and Altrui fully understand this.


Nina: I just wanted to write a few lines as my journey with this whole process and Altrui is coming to an end. First of all, a massive thank you to the whole Altrui team – it meant so much that you were looking out for me during these months and I feel I was so much better prepared for what the donation process involved thanks to you. The individual support I have received was wonderful and got me cheerfully through even some of the sleepy days! The work you do and the care you put into making this as personal and pleasant as possible is absolutely fantastic.


Stacey: I would definitely recommend Altrui for anyone looking to do egg donation. I felt like they were there for me through every step of the way, even at my emotional times! But at the same time gave me the space to get through things if I needed to on my own. It was so easy to contact someone on the team and I always had a reply! Also expenses were convered on the same day of purchase, there was never a delay! Had a great experience with them!


Zoe: I cannot fault Altrui, they were there for me from beginning to end. They made the process so smooth and easy, and they made me feel like the most wonderful person in the world! Thank you Altrui, without you I couldn’t have done it.


Jo: From the moment I contacted Altrui I was treated so well and was always aware of what was going on and they were always just a call away if I needed anything. From start to finish it’s been a very personal approach which is why I chose to do this through Altrui. I can’t thank them enough for helping me through this journey and making it a reality. I was well and truly looked after by the team and the hospital. The actual procedure was painfree. I would definitely do it all again. Also to wake up after egg collection to a personal letter from my couple made it all so real and well worth while knowing I had made a difference to their life.


Meg: The experience is made a lot easier when you have two caring, adorable people always checking up on you. The Altrui team are amazing, wonderful people who are there for you every step of the way. You have nothing to worry about if they are around. They make you feel so appreciated, any minor discomfort of the procedure itself is taken away. The team at Altrui are so experienced you could not be in better hands. They are extremely accommodating and work around any crazy schedule you give them. At the end of the day it all becomes worth it to know you have made two people incredibly happy.


Monica: I’m impressed by Altrui’s service. They are always really warm, available and sympathetic. They collaborate with best consultants in the field so I was in safe hands. If you are interested in being a donor and are scared by some horror stories online (mostly when the donor gets paid and “eggsploited”), I want to say that altruistic donation is totally different and they will put your safety first. Consider the joy and hope you can give to a family, I think it’s a totally worthwhile experience, and will consider donating again in the future.


Kay: This has been an amazing experience. Altrui have been fantastic and so helpful, they have gone above and beyond my expectations. The injections were not as bad as you would think and I found the procedure to be completely pain free. I would do it all over again in a heart beat! Thank you so much to everyone at Altrui, you truly are amazing and make the whole process even easier.


Kirsty: I had an amazing experience with Altrui! I was over the moon with the support and care they provided, ensuring I felt confident at every step. They truly care about the donors, ensuring your best interests always. They’re very professional and clearly have a lot of experience – my questions and concerns were minimal as everything was so well explained. It was a 3 year long journey for me, due to (many!) complications on my end! But they were always on the end of the phone. Donating was the best decision I’ve ever made. ?


Rena: Whilst I was pregnant with my third child, I contacted Altrui about donating and I was given lots of information about the process. Alison said she would call me once I had my little girl and I finished breastfeeding. The process from beginning to end was fantastic. Everything was explained fully and I knew exactly what was happening at all times. The clinic were so thorough and I was really looked after. During the injections, all staff at Altrui were available for any questions I had and advice about pre and post donation. The feeling that I may have helped a couple have a family is amazing. I will remember this forever.


Laura: Altrui are a wonderfully compassionate and thoughtful team. The egg donation process is much simpler than it sounds and they are there to support you every step of the way. The whole experience has had very little impact on my day-to-day life but will make a massive and positive impact on others out there. I have already contacted the team to discuss donating again.


Kirsty: It has been some time since my egg collection now. I have been thinking for a little while on how to put my experience into words. It took less than a month for Altrui to find my recipient … I was so excited. Altrui were nothing but helpful and caring, ensuring I was made aware of every step of donation and all my queries or questions were answered. Most of my communication was with Alison and Kate who treated me exactly how I would like to think Altrui advertise their staff to behave – kind, caring and almost as a friend. There were no awkward telephone calls, as each call was greeted as if you already knew them! I spent a lot of my time researching companies that I could do my egg donation through. None came close to how I felt about Altrui. Their website is flooded with information for both the Recipient and Donor, where nobody could be left clueless or in the corner. I am usually petrified of needles! my nurse at the clinic closest to me showed me exactly how it was to be done, and I think because it was to help someone else – even though I have no idea who they are, it helped me get over this fear to the point I may consider doing this whole process over again. But now, sadly, my part of this process is over and complete, I wish my Recipient all the luck in the world that this is a success for her. – Good Luck to all current and future Donors and Recipients, you really are in the best hands!


Sarah: My experience as a egg donor has been brilliant. Altrui have supported me every step of the way. I was nervous about the injections but after the second day I couldn’t even feel them. If someone had told me this, I wouldn’t believe them, but I got used to it and it was fine! This is coming from someone who used to be scared of blood tests!! My expenses were paid the same day, so I was never out of pocket travelling to my appointments. Appointments were always made around me so I didn’t have to miss work. I booked my children ino childcare for the day of egg collection and the day after so I could relax. The procedure was pain free as I was asleep! The next two day days I took it easy, I wouldn’t say I was in pain after, just, I guess, a little uncomfortable, like bruised. I’m three days after now and I’m feeling much better, although I won’t be running or anything like that until I feel fully better! Getting a letter from my recipient couple after donation made this all worth while. I absolutely loved the personal touch and it made me realise how much me donating means to the couple. I now cross all my fingerss and toes that this works for them! If you are thinking of donating, Altrui and my fertility centre are the best! I also have to mention that the nurse who looked after me was amazing, I had lots of questions and did email her quite a bit and she always responded in good time!


Liz: I spent a long time researching companies for my egg donation. I then came across Altrui and the minute I spoke to Sarah I felt like I’d known her for ages. My expenses were paid straight back to me that same day so that I wasn’t out of pocket for travelling. All of my appointments were made around my personal life so that I didn’t miss things at home. Thanks to Altrui I will consider egg donating again! I am nothing but singing Altrui’s praises, what an absolutely amazing team they make together. Altrui have been there every single step of my journey from the nerves, to answering any questions, to support and most of all care. They explained every single part of donating in full detail. When my cycle started I was petrified of needles but after a few I finally overcame my fear after having Altrui remind me what an incredible thing I’m doing. My egg collection went very smoothly and, minus feeling a tad uncomfortable, I feel fine! Altrui have made me feel like a true super-hero. Thank you for being there 24/7 and of course this all goes to the hospital too! Even though my journey is now complete they have reassured me they will keep in contact. I have absolutely loved hearing that my couple are overwhelmed and cannot describe how grateful they are. Although it’s anonymous it feels like there are always personal touches. I can only hope that my eggs will now work their magic and I wish my recipients all the luck in the world.


Charlotte: Egg donation is one of the best things I have done. The feeling I got knowing I was helping someone else have a chance at the family they dreamed of was amazing. I found the process very easy and always felt well informed, supported and appreciated throughout by both Altrui and the clinic. The injections were very easy and really are nothing to worry about, I have always had a fear of needles so the first one made me a little nervous but after that it just became part of the daily routine. The egg retrieval was easy too, the clinic were fantastic, everything was explained so well and I was made to feel relaxed and was well looked after. Altrui were on hand every step of the way too, making sure I was OK, giving helpful tips and just generally looking out for my wellbeing, they really are a fantastic team and are there day and night to support you, nothing is too much for them. Knowing that I was looking after one of the most special gifts you could ever give someone filled me with a sense of pride and made the whole process worth every second. It is something I would definitely consider doing again.


Toni: Donating through Altrui was brilliant. The ladies are all so friendly and I felt like I could speak to them if I ever had a problem. They are forever telling me how wonderful I am for donating, but they definitely made it easier for me by being so supportive. I feel like I am able to ask them anything at anytime and they would be supportive and understanding.


Claire: The staff at Altrui were amazing from my first initial enquiry, throughout the time of matching, appointments and even afterwards with aftercare advice. They were always available when I needed them and they checked in regularly to find out how I was. The entire process was very smooth. I cannot fault them on their professionalism, or any of it. I’m very grateful to them and I will hopefully donate again in the future through them.


Irene: I felt I was looked after from day 1 of applying. I was given all the information I needed and time to make my mind up about being a donor. I was kept informed on what to expect and what will happen. There is always someone there who could answer any questions I had and to give me guidance. I didn’t do this alone, I felt very much supported and appreciated. Knowing that I could help someone to have a family has made me very proud of myself. I’ve encouraged friends to consider doing the same. Being able to have children is something a lot of ladies take for granted – I do my best to make sure that those near me think about those who can’t have children of their own and how we can help. I will never forget what I have done.


Rebecca: Being a donor has been a life-changing experience for me. I am so glad I’ve been able to help someone to potentially have a child/children. The whole process was explained so well to me with all the different staff members/nurses/doctors etc, I felt at ease every step of the way. There is always someone available to talk to should you be unsure of anything or if you want to ask a question. The emotional support was also second to none – everyone is there for you and makes you feel so relaxed during the process. I can’t thank the team enough for the kindness and care shown towards me and I would recommend being a donor to anybody considering it. It’s a strange but wonderful experience. I’ll never forget it.


Michelle: When I first discovered egg donation I was under the impression that it was a booming business and my donation would be added to a shelf full of other eggs in a lab freezer somewhere, so it came as a surprise how quickly I was contacted and booked in for tests, and it turns out there isn’t a freezer full at all, quite the opposite in fact. Couples can save for years to have a chance at this process and still face a long wait for a donor and suitable match! Altrui don’t just match people in order of application but work hard to find a donor with similar appearances and character traits from a detailed profile and childhood photos of you which I think makes it less of a science experiment, and although it’s anonymous it doesn’t feel impersonal! The whole process from applying, to match, to egg collection was 6 months, but the actual important bit took just 2 weeks! 2 weeks of self-injecting hormones (1 at 7am/1 at 7pm) with a few scans along the way to monitor progress, then an amazing 20 min procedure under sedation to collect the eggs! I’d be lying if I said it was a breeze because it is a pretty extreme thing to put your body through and it came with its inconveniences, but knowing there was somebody the other end going through the same but with the added stress of actually conceiving and going on to have a successful pregnancy made it all seem quite trivial in comparison, and just confirmed how important it was to me to do this! I had witnessed first hand what trying and failing to conceive does to a couple and since beginning this journey I’ve spoken to others who I had no idea about that shared their experiences and made me even more excited to be helping somebody. The feeling of becoming a parent is by far the most magical and empowering moment of anyone’s life and easily taken for granted when you just simply fall pregnant and become a family just like nature intended, so to find out I was eligible to give this gift to somebody, albeit a perfect stranger, didn’t even take a second thought! Now that my small part in this is done I can only pray for a happy ending for the recipient couple and I already know that any successful born child will be loved and cherished because of the extra long, extra special journey!


Egg Recipient testimonials

Here are some great testimonials from our egg  recipients. Learn more about their journey and experience with us.


Wang: Thank you Altrui and thanks to our donor again! We need all the luck and good wishes there is to make it happen! We won’t forget about Altrui and your support either- we have had an outstanding experience with you since the day I first contacted you. You have done a wonderful job helping us and supporting our donor. Whatever final outcome it will be, this experience itself is magical and meaningful…… I cannot explain totally how I feel, but it feels weird or surreal but wonderfully weird: getting to know someone like her through you and the nurse and her actual deeds, being helped by her, feeling connected to her somehow, but will never meet her in person- is weird but inspiring! Kind deeds like this make this world a warm and hopeful place. We won’t be able to repay her but we will give back to others in need in different ways. Anyways, will keep you updated!


Tara: I was almost 40 when I met my husband. For a number of reasons, it was 3 years before we started trying for a baby. I was naively optimistic, believing that having a mother who’d easily conceived in her early forties, and leading a very healthy lifestyle myself, that natural conception would be entirely possible. I threw myself into a regime of Chinese herbs and acupuncture to boost my fertility, and kept up the healthy organic diet I’d already been eating for years. And waited. 18 months later, nothing had happened. Except that we’d learnt that my husband’s sperm was far from great. So we tried a couple of rounds of natural cycle IVF (where the ovaries aren’t stimulated with drugs), which is believed to be more effective for older women. Neither cycle yielded even an embryo. By then, I was almost 45 & my consultant at the fertility clinic was unwilling to try any further cycles and said our best hope was to use a donor egg. While not entirely closed to the idea, I wasn’t yet ready to go there. A part of me still believed I could be that one in a million woman who conceives against all odds in her mid-forties. And I longed for the glory of being that person. So we kept trying. It took me a further 18 months to feel ready to move to using an egg donor, and to accept that I wasn’t going to be that one in a million 46 year old. And that that was ok, and – as someone wise said to me at the time – the most important thing is not how you bring your child into this world, but what kind of a parent you are to them. I was very clear that if we had a child using a donor egg, I wanted to be honest with our child about how it was created. And I wanted our child to be able to contact our donor, should they wish, once he or she had reached adulthood. Which meant that travelling to somewhere like Spain or the Czech Republic, which I know many British women do, and where the donor remains totally anonymous, was not for us. I was highly recommended Altrui by two separate sources. One was a fertility specialist we consulted and he said he’d had many patients who’d used them and had had excellent feedback. The other was a woman about my own age, who was at the time pregnant (and has since had a beautiful little boy) after her first donor cycle & embryo transfer. She told me how Altrui took great care to look after their donors really well – which was very important to me as well as I recognised what a huge thing a donor (who in the UK is paid almost nothing for all she has done, once expenses are taken off the £750 they are entitled to) would be doing for me, I and certainly wanted them to be treated as respectfully as possible, in recognition of this huge gift they were giving. Additionally, unlike in say Spain, Altrui really try to match the egg recipient with a suitable donor and you are sent a fairly detailed profile as well as a couple of childhood photos. Everyone I dealt with at Altrui was lovely and highly professional. It took a few months to find a suitable donor, but once our donor’s treatment cycle began, everything went very smoothly. The IVF clinics Altrui work with are excellent, too. I’d previously had IVF using my own eggs at one of the ‘top’ London clinics, and while they were medically excellent, they were shambolically organised, staff were often unfriendly, messages did not always get passed to the right people, bills were incorrect & we were overcharged. Which made the whole experience really unpleasant. The clinic to which Altrui referred me, in contrast, have not only been medically excellent but are well organised and every single member of staff I came into contact with there, from the nurses to the admin staff to the consultant & the embryologist were helpful and friendly as well as clearly very good at their jobs. So going there for appointments was a pleasurable (as much as IVF can ever be!) rather than the miserable experience I’d previously had. Our donor came up trumps, producing a great group of eggs, out of which we eventually got 5 top grade embryos, which had been PGS tested to ensure they had no chromosomal abnormalities. In the Spring I had one of the 5 embryos implanted. Eleven days later, on the day I was due to test, I woke up at 3am in the morning, clearly nervous about the prospect of having to take the test that day! A large part of me was convinced it hadn’t worked. After all, I didn’t feel any different to normal, had none of the ‘early pregnancy symptoms’ you hear about. Rather than go back to sleep & do the test at a sensible hour, I left my sleeping husband in our bedroom to do it then & there. Whenever my period had been late during those years we’d been trying naturally, I’d taken a pregnancy test. So I remembered well how it always took a good minute or two to get the heart-wrenching ‘not pregnant’ words or symbol to come up. So I turned my back for a moment. And when I glanced at the test only seconds later, still not expecting to see any answer yet, I was totally shocked to find a strong clear cross, which indicated that I most definitely was pregnant! I didn’t sleep the rest of that night. And spent the next day, a beautiful Spring day, floating around on a total high, completely amazed at how this had actually worked first time round. Before I got pregnant, I worried that it might feel weird to carry a child inside me that came from someone else’s egg. Would it feel like mine? Friends who’d taken the same journey assured me that it would. And it really does. I am immensely grateful to Altrui for being an organisation of such integrity, and for bringing people like me, who would otherwise not have been able to become pregnant, and their amazing donors together. Without them and without the kindness of this 29 year old woman I have never met, I would never be sitting here today 15 weeks pregnant.


Helen: Thank you Altrui for being a beacon of light in a rather long and lonely journey. It’s made an enormous difference to be treated like a human being not a number.


Ellen: I am writing to update you with some very happy news. I wrote to you earlier in the year to let you know that I was expecting a baby, and I’m so happy to say that we have had a beautiful baby boy. You know enough of our history to know what an enormous and thrilling and life-altering event this has been, and we so very grateful to you and the team at Altrui for everything you did for us in helping this to happen. In particular, of course, we will never be able to express our gratitude to our amazing donor. I become very emotional when I try to describe how I feel about the gift she gave us. Our boy is now thriving, and we are simply loving getting used to family life. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.


Emma: Like many other women, I arrived at considering egg donation after an extremely difficult and challenge part of my life. I spent 6 months carefully researching different options of where to find an egg donor before I chose Altrui. Over that time, what became clear was that the most important thing for me is that my donor has chosen and wanted to donate altruistically. Plus, if a women was doing this for me, I wanted them to have the best experience possible. This is why I chose Altrui. What I hoped for, but didn’t expect, was that Altrui would find me such a good match. On reading my donor’s details I was shocked to read about someone who shared the same core values as me, never mind that she looked like me. I am overwhelmed that a stranger is helping me to have a family. This fact alone has seen me through some very dark days. I can’t thank Altrui and my donor enough for giving me this chance at my dreams of having a baby after the many years of trying.


Anne: Dear Alison, I would have responded a big YES as soon as I saw the details and pictures of the donor but I had to wait for my husband so we could both decide and provide the confirmation to you. This lovely lady is perfect and she matches my inner thoughts and aspirations so well! I have to say that I feel I could spend hours talking to her but, regretfully, I know this is not possible. Once again please receive our deepest gratitude for the absolutely wonderful help that you give to us and our family.


Sylva: My husband and I would like to express our immense happiness and gratitude to Altrui for their assistance during our difficult journey to become parents. The great generosity of a donor has offered us the possibility of having a baby, but this is only thanks to Altrui and Alison who have assisted us during the search and throughout this journey with professionalism, speed but above all the greatest sensitivity. This has been for us a difficult but wonderful experience that has enabled our dream to become mother and father to come true. Thank you very much Altrui.


Jolanta: I cannot recommend Altrui highly enough – I have nothing but praise and respect for all that Alison did for me. Right from the initial phone conversation she was very helpful, professional and most of all caring – I could feel how much heart she puts into her work in finding the right donor for her clients. I was also assured that my donor was getting the support and help she would need in her journey, and this was a great comfort to me whilst making my own preparations for the IVF. Thank you again Alison for everything you have done for me, and my donor.


Lisa: Alison and Altrui couldn’t have come more highly recommended than by our consultant! We contacted Alison and explained our circumstances and she said that there was no reason why we couldn’t find a donor within a few months. We were amazed when Alison contacted us within a matter of weeks and said she had a donor for us. After all the tests and counselling etc., the actual egg transfer took place about six months later and I became pregnant. We now have a lovely little fella who is 4 weeks old and we are overjoyed. We have so much to thank our consultant and Altrui for. If Alison hadn’t created Altrui then we would not be having this wonderful experience now and for the rest of our lives. Thank you Alison and Altrui. I hope that you are able to help many more couples become parents.


Suzie: My husband and I have received an impeccable service from Altrui, we would not have found a donor without the help of Alison and her team. They have given us continuous support and at all times guided on every step of the process. Altrui were able to step in and manage the necessary advertising and deal with all other parties involved. We can’t thank Alison and her team enough for everything they have done for us.


Sara: Both my husband and I have found working with Altrui a quick, stress free process. Alison and her husband were delightful and understanding. We cannot believe how quickly a donor was found, it has been a long emotional journey to get to Altrui and it was such a relief to find a calm, understanding environment and an easy ending to what has been a complicated road to finding a donor. Finding a donor up until now has been a fairly hideous process with loads of statistics to get our heads around plus a huge range of fees and the prospect of spending days in aeroplanes across the Atlantic. Altrui has been our safe haven. We realise our journey has in many ways just began but we are excited and hopeful that now we too may one day have a family.


Jane: I wanted to let you know (and the donor) that we’ve had a positive result for the first time after 6 tries of IVF. It’s truly wonderful. We are absolutely delighted, thrilled, amazed!!! Thank you so much to both you and the donor for making this happen for us. We are so very grateful. Just know that you and the donor have made us incredibly happy and hopeful for the family we have been longing for and trying so hard to have.


Michele: It is six months since our wonderful baby was born and it has been a fabulous whirlwind of a time. We wanted to write to reiterate our thanks to you for everything: your patience (we have a sneaking feeling that we were not your easiest clients), your guidance, your support, your experience and, most of all, for finding us our donor. We would also like to extend our thanks to her and to her partner. Not a day goes by when we do not think of this amazing lady and what she has done for us. Our baby is a complete delight. He is fun, curious, interested, loving, eager and adored. He has the sweetest chuckle and an endearing crooked smile. He could not be more perfect.


Susan: We cannot believe that in just 2 short months you have brought us such a donor. She is perfect, both in physicality as well as in her characteristics and interests. What a cutie as a child too! We are delighted with this match, and with tears of joy and anticipation, we wholly accept her as our donor. After the long journey we have had thus far in our quest to start a family, and the emotional highs and lows we have experienced, it is daunting to once again take a leap of faith and to open ourselves up to accepting this ‘alternative’ realisation of our dream. However the manner in which you have treated us over the past few months, through phone call or email update, has been so supportive and nurturing and this has helped enormously to reassure us in this life-changing decision. ‘Thank you’ does not convey our debt of gratitude to you.


Tess: I don’t know what to say. What you have done is truly magic. I cried at my desk reading the letter from our donor and I know you have found us the perfect match. How you have managed that based on the little you know of and without meeting me/us is truly incredible. I feel a huge connection to this person. She is right I think when she says we might have been friends in different circumstances. I couldn’t have wished for anything better. I know you will look after her and I hope she doesn’t suffer too much going through the treatment. I already care a lot for her too and not only because of this wonderful thing she is doing but because of the lovely person she seems to be.


Sofia: It’s been nearly three days since my second miscarriage and I’m still shocked and in despair. But I’m not here to tell bad stories. After all, I am now trying to have my second baby, given that Altrui found us an amazing donor that gave me four frozen embryos on top of the wonderful boy that resulted from my first IVF. Despite everything, my bereavement is made much easier by the thought that I still can have two more goes. Thus, while being so miserable, I can’t help being also so grateful to Altrui: providing recipients with their own donors means granting the possibility of more than one child, hence a sense of hope and ‘normality’. There is another reason, however, why a strong sense of gratitude now mingles with tears. I am also very grateful because Altrui has never left me feeling alone. Alison has been with me throughout the process: reassuring me on the phone three years ago while waiting for my first egg donor IVF; rejoicing with me at the birth of my child; making sure my donor and I could anonymously exchange the words we wanted to say to each other; and now supporting me again and again, even at weekends, through the difficult journey towards my second child. How much less painful her reassurance and thoughtful advice have made this journey I have no words to say. I can’t stop thinking how much Altrui really means ‘altrui’ (in Italian ‘altrui’ means ‘others’ or ‘other people’s’). Unfortunately, this cannot cure the harm of any failed attempts. But an agency that, like Altrui, provides such a friendly support throughout such an emotional journey as fertility treatment is really something unique and amazing. It make you think that there are really great people out there – and the most wonderful of them (donors) will always be part of our families and lives. With her never-ending support, Alison has complemented the amazing gift I received from my donor, and this too will be with me for life. The only thing I can say is ‘thank you’. But it makes me feel better to be able to tell others what Altrui does and has done to me. [Having] said that, I really hope there will be less and less need of support and lots and lots of new babies, including mine!


Laura: Super news, today we took a home pregnancy test & for the first time ever it was a positive result. We are so so happy ? We’ve been to the clinic for blood tests, and will repeat in 48hrs to check everything is OK with the medication levels I’m taking. So still feeling very surreal. 8 blastocysts have been frozen for future use. We cannot say in words how much we appreciate you and the Altrui team, and more so the lovely donor who has given us this opportunity for a family – a big big Thank You. We’ll keep you posted on our progress.


Caroline: Hi Alison, I hope this finds you well. I am not sure if you’ve spoken to our consultant but I just wanted to let you know our son was born two days ago. He is absolutely perfect. We’ve been enjoying getting to know him and being a family. I can’t tell you how happy we are ;0) Thank you once again for all your help and especially to our donor – there is just no way to put how we feel into words.


Sarah: Hi Alison, We had an 8 week scan and a heartbeat was detected. Then we had another scan and all is healthy so far. We cannot explain how grateful and how much we appreciate everything you and the donor has done for us. This time 8 years ago I was told I would never have children due to the early menopause in my 20s and to think that I am actually pregnant is a dream come true. I will obviously keep you updated throughout, thanks again.


Clare: My husband and I, like most couples I’m sure, were really wanting to be parents and explored the various options available. We chose Altrui as they were professional, informative and supportive. Our journey to finding a successful donor was not smooth, however Alison and her team were a source of constant support and communicated consistently. Once we found the right donor and the process started, Alison and her team balanced the relationship between us and the donor well and we are delighted to say that we are now 20 weeks pregnant with identical twins. We want to thank Alison and her team for all their support and if you are hesitating, then we could not recommend Altrui highly enough. Good luck!


Frances: I know that there really are no words to ever thank you for what you have done for us. Our baby is the happiest, funniest little boy, very relaxed and well behaved and we just couldn’t love him more – thank you, thank you thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I wish that we could say our thank yous again to our donor, I am not sure that we really understood the incredible gift that she was giving us until our little boy arrived – I’m not sure that anyone would. Alison you have made us the most incredibly happy little family and we will be forever eternally grateful.


Mary: We really cannot express how grateful we are to you in helping us complete our family, thank you so very, very much. Our daughter is so excited that she is going to be an elder sister and is already talking about all the things she wants to do when her sibling arrives. Please can you share this information with our donor and pass on our deepest gratitude to her. We have been trying for a second child for a long time and at times we have despaired that we would never have that which comes so easily for others. We often pinch ourselves now to make sure that we are not dreaming. The professionalism, sensitivity and understanding that Altrui has shown us has exceeded all our expectations and words cannot express how humbled and grateful we are for the kindness, goodwill and generosity of our donor. Thank you, you have made our wishes come true.


Anne: Thank you so much for your email and good wishes. We are so happy our donor liked the card and gift, which we hope will be a constant reminder of how much she has done for us. It’s hard to put in words what the last two days have meant for us. We were amazed at the result from our donor and how much hope that has given to us. We hope our donor is OK and is recovering well after egg collection. I am not sure the two of us can quite believe what has happened – we can’t thank our donor and Altrui enough for all you have done. For the first time in 2 years we have real hope again and we are so excited. We still have a long road ahead but just feeling the excitement of what may be and and the tremendous hope that this has given to us has been such a wonderful feeling. Thank you again so much.


Sarah: Thank you so much for all your help over the last few years. It’s been a long journey but we can’t be happier with our new family. We could not have done this without you and thank you for being the support we needed at the end of the phone.


Natalie: I wanted to say a HUGE thank you for all your support over the last couple of years. You have been wonderful in guiding us through the maze that is IVF and the donor process. From day one, we felt listened to and supported. Your lovely manner made it so easy to put our faith in you to help us through. Despite all the ups and downs we have faced on our journey – you being there has made it so much easier to cope with. I never doubted we would get to the end and believe it all happened as it should have. Having the opportunity to possibly have the long awaited family means more to us than we would ever put into words. You have helped make our dreams come true. Thank you! Thank you and your team for creating such an amazing business. For working all hours to make people’s dreams come true. Thank you for being so understanding and calm through times of stress and worry for us, and for the way you always understood so well how I was feeling. We really cannot say thank you enough.


Eve: My partner said what a good idea it was to go to the UK and especially to turn to Altrui for egg donation!! And he is perfectly right, I don’t dare to imagine to be pregnant now (if at all!) from a completely anonymous donation from Spain or Czech/Slovak Republic and with so little information you get from those clinics. Thank you and the whole team for everything you have done for us and for taking the effort of looking for a matching donor and finding us this really, really special donor! What a strong and good personality she has – also considering her young age – actually I still can’t get my head round to what she has done for complete strangers!!?


Pippa: I have to say it’s been a truly humbling experience going through this and realising the magnitude of what someone has gone through for me and my partner. After such a tough journey through infertility issues, it’s been inspiring and uplifting to think what a stranger has been prepared to do. It’s also such a comfort to be able to rely on your screening processes and your care of the donor, and feel confident that the donor won’t withdraw or change her mind – going through infertility issues is, as I’m sure you are aware, such a stressful process so it is an exceptionally great help to feel we have your experience and skills in caring for the donor. Please pass on my thanks and appreciation to the team. I think what you are doing at Altrui is absolutely marvellous.


Linda: We have some very happy and exciting news for you …… we are pregnant!!! It was with our second attempt with a frozen embryo, but it worked, and we have just had our 3 month scan and all is well and healthy and we have a very wriggly baby! We’ve been very nervous up until now, as you know the first attempt worked but ended very early, and so we just wanted to make sure everything was well and, now we are in the safe zone, we are excitedly telling everyone! We can’t tell you how over the moon we are, almost giddy that we’ve finally made it to this point after almost 4 years! We are just so so happy! Can’t quite believe that it was this time last year that you found us our amazing donor, and now here we are this Christmas, happily pregnant! We can’t explain how thankful we are to her for helping us to get here, and still to have 3 fantastic embryos in the freeze for potential future brothers or sisters is just beyond belief! Please can you pass on our heartfelt thanks, she truly has given us the best and only Christmas present we could have wished for!!! And huge thank you to you too for putting us together and supporting us along the way! We will of course keep you updated once the little one arrives next June, and here is a little picture for now too! Thank you so much and a very Merry Christmas to all the team at Altrui.


Kim: Thank you so much for all your help getting us to this point. We are very excited and are keeping all our fingers crossed. We are incredibly grateful to you and the Altrui team. It is the most wonderful service that you provide – you have made what felt like a hugely complicated and difficult process so much easier.


Rachael: Many thanks for all of your help and support. I’m so glad that I chose a donor through Altrui. It’s been so lovely for me being able to hear that the donor is OK and being looked after and also hearing what a lovely person she is. I can’t tell you how much that means to me.


Kate: We are incredibly grateful for your help with this, and all your support in general through the whole process. You have made what could have been a very difficult decision seem so positive and straightforward. Thank you again for everything.


Rachael: Six weeks ago our beautiful daughter arrived safely, really a miracle, when I think of the low base my partner and I started from in trying for a family. Every couple approaching Altrui will do so wanting a solution, rather than the start of another journey. All of us will have already had a variety of distressing and disappointing experiences to bring us to a service like Altrui. For some couples this solution can work out very quickly, but of course it is unrealistic to expect this to be the case for everyone. My experience demonstrates fantastic results still happen, even when the route is not direct. There are very understandable reasons why a planned/promised donation does not work out. A previously unknown medical problem can appear at the last moment. If there is a hitch with availability and timing even the most willing donor can have life events, planned and unforeseen, which can prevent her continuing. Hospital policies can be very slightly different, which means that not every donor is acceptable to every hospital. These were the kind of delays I experienced, I am sure there are many others. It is bitterly disappointing when a donor does not work out for whatever reason, particularly if (like me) you are towards the older end of the age range and feel the pressure of time running out. That being said, in my experience, the worst time was the first time. In the simplest terms, by the time I realised that Altrui could find me more than one very suitable donor, why not two, three, or more if necessary. At first I think the possibility of egg donation seemed, (on an irrational level) a bit unreal and the first disappointment seemed like a big problem. However, the more possibilities presented themselves even when they didn’t work out, the easier it was to feel a good outcome was very likely to only be a matter of time. That proved to be true. The approach I adopted, was to try, as far as possible, not to think too much about the set backs and just keep going. ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’, ‘It ain’t over till its over’ – whatever – pick a platitude and stick to it – these sentiments are popular because they are largely true – if a bit cheesy. Everyone is different though, and maybe taking a break to ‘re-group’ would be better for others. My concern was however, that if I took a break to re-consider my options, I may not be able to face starting again and would eventually regret a further delay. I would also say trust the Altrui service. As clients we cannot fully understand the subtleties of the medical technologies, policies and systems as the professionals do. In addition a donor’s medical confidentiality has to be respected. This means when things go off course, we may not always be able to have the full picture in all the detail we feel we want, which can be difficult to deal with. I have always had the best advice/information from Altrui (far better than from medics), always clear practical and compassionate but also enitrely professional and with appropriate confidentiality. Sadly, there is no ‘magic wand’, but my experience is that Altrui will do their very best for you, and can get amazing results.