All Altrui egg donors are altruistic and anonymous; many are mums themselves. Choosing to donate to you (albeit anonymously) and not to a general bank makes this a very personal egg donation.

We have found that egg donors like to know a little about the people they are helping and are interested to know why their help is needed. Quite understandably, being reassured that any child conceived through their egg donation will be wanted and loved helps them to feel a sense of commitment and purpose, and means they are less likely to change their minds about proceeding with the donation.

Although they don’t know you, they will of course create a mental picture for themselves – just as you will about them. With your full agreement, we will give the egg donor non-identifying information about you that gives her the reassurance she might need. This might include your approximate ages, what you do, why you need her help and how long you have been trying for a baby.