How do I begin donating eggs?  How do I become an egg donor?  How does egg donation work in the UK?

These are just some of the questions we are often asked by women considering egg donation and who, quite sensibly, need a clear understanding of what the process involves before making a decision.

While, in theory, it is possible to donate eggs through any clinic or organisation, in practice, it is rarely as simple or straightforward as it should be – and this is exactly why Altrui was set up.

What makes Altrui unique is our commitment to making sure the experience is safe, positive and rewarding.  We are a small team of five, and we care about every donor who donates with us.  As an altruistic egg donor, we regard you to be an amazing person, and therefore should receive the special attention and treatment that you deserve throughout the egg donation process.

The amazing kindness and selflessness you show as an altruistic egg donor sets you apart.  We believe Altrui is the only organisation who will look out for your best interests as a donor at a time when you should definitely be put first.

Once you decide to begin donating eggs we like to be there to support you.  We will consider how your clinic appointments will fit in with your family, work and day-to-day life commitments, be vigilant of your personal health and wellbeing and always appreciate and acknowledge the huge kindness and compassion you have shown to another.

As part of Altrui’s commitment to you, we only work with clinics that we believe will treat you with the greatest respect and care, and value you for the amazing person that you are.

Altrui makes donating eggs personal

Altrui ensures that you are always given the very best consultant-led care at clinic, with us as a point of contact for information and support throughout the egg donation process. We work hard to make sure donating eggs runs as smoothly and easily as possible.

To make your donation more personal and meaningful we will tell you a little about the person you will be matched to, and why they need your help.  By the end of this process, having helped someone else start or complete the family they longed for, you will feel justifiably proud to be an Altrui egg donor.  We encourage you to speak to other Altrui egg donors and find out directly from them what it’s really like to donate eggs – ‘warts and all’!

As Alison, the founder of Altrui, says:

“I am not able to donate my eggs, but if I could, there are a number of things that I would want in order for me to do so comfortably and confidently. Firstly I would want to know exactly what was involved in donating eggs, I would want plenty of information and details. I would probably have lots of questions and I would want to be able to turn to someone who knows all about it, and who I could trust to answer my questions openly and honestly.

I would want to be assured that whoever I was dealing with was properly experienced and knew what they were doing. I would want to know that there were people on hand who cared about me and would look after me all the way through, and who I could contact easily if I had any worries or concerns through the treatment. I would want to feel that what I was doing was worthwhile and making a difference.

My aim with Altrui is to provide all this, and more if I can. To me, anybody who is even thinking of being an egg donor is amazing – I want this to be a great experience for you as a donor.”