Altrui Fees 

There are several important costs to factor in when considering fertility treatment with donor eggs. In line with our values of transparency, we give you all fees upfront with no hidden costs, so you can plan your care with confidence.

Egg Donor Search & Match £3,300 

This is the fee for Altrui to find and match you with your ideal egg donor, and includes:

Donor Compensation £750

The HFEA have stated that egg donors should receive compensation of a fixed sum of £750 to cover all the costs of being a donor, including travel, accommodation (if needed), loss of earnings and childcare etc. 

We manage the transfer of any donor compensation, this is in addition to our donor finding fee. 

Fertility Treatment Fees

Once you’ve decided to go ahead with finding an egg donor, there are other costs to consider as part of the egg donation treatment journey. We can offer different treatment packages through our sister company Apricity. The full cost depends on your recommended treatment, and the best way to get a realistic estimate is by booking a free call with one of our team members.

You can find more information including success rates and treatment options on Apricity’s IVF with Donor Eggs page 

Egg Donation Match Screen & Embryology £13,300

This is a complete package that includes all treatment services and medication required to create and store embryos for one year (one cycle), including our egg donor search and match service. 

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Egg Donation Package £15,500

In addition to the search and match service, this package includes a full IVF cycle. This includes one episode of ovarian stimulation, egg collection for the egg donor and the transfer event of a resultant embryo.

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Need help with payment? 

We are also able to offer a variety of both insurance and finance-based options through our partner, Gaia Family. With Gaia, patients can get a personalised financial plan based on their unique situation, as well as reimbursements if treatment is unsuccessful. Patients then pay back the total cost in monthly instalments with 0%. 

How Gaia work

If and when treatment is successful, you’d only pay for the rounds you completed. If you are on an insurance plan and unsuccessful, you’d be insured up to a certain number of rounds and would not have to pay. On average, coverage is for up to six rounds.

Medication and all essential treatments are included. Gaia also offer additional support including a membership portal, counselling, medical advisors and events. 

Find out more abou this option here or please get in touch with one of our team members today.