We are often asked ‘What motivates Altrui donors to donate their eggs?’ As you know, all our egg donors are altruistic and we are always so impressed by their desire and willingness to come forward and help someone in need of help. Having had some amazing conversations with these women, we have discovered that many of them share the same reasons for wanting to become an egg donor.

Friends or relations with fertility problems

Many women who are thinking of donating their eggs, have witnessed the anguish experienced by close friends or family members struggling to become pregnant.  They realise just how infertility affects everyone around, and want to do all they can to help – even when they don’t know you!

They appreciate their own family

Those who are mums already, have said that they can’t imagine what it must be like not having children, especially at particular times of year that tend to revolve around children and family.

Natural donors

Some egg donors are ‘natural donors’. In other words, they are innately generous women who spend much of their time giving and donating to others. Very often we find that they are on the organ donor register, regularly give blood, support charities and work in the caring professions.

On the receiving end of donation

A number of donors have experienced being the personal recipient of somebody else’s help. However this has come about, it has engendered a strong urge to reciprocate and find a way that they can ‘give back’ to others in some way.

Finished their own family

Many women feel that it is a waste for their eggs to be lost every month. They love the thought that they could help another woman experience the joy of motherhood by donating their eggs.

Spontaneous givers

For others, donating their eggs is something they had never heard about before and, very frequently, didn’t even know was possible to do until they heard of Altrui or read one of our advertisements and felt moved to help. They frequently say that they’d love to know that if they ever needed help themselves in the future, then someone would help them.

There are many different reasons why women decide they would like to become an egg donor. Interestingly, the question of financial gain rarely features in our conversations – these are genuinely altruistic donors. In our eyes they are all amazing women.