Donating eggs in the UK is an amazing, selfless act that gives hope to the thousands of women and couples in this country who are unable to naturally conceive. These acts of kindness are nothing short of extraordinary, and now more than ever, are incredibly appreciated.

Altrui’s model works around the donor to make donation as least disruptive as possible. By choosing to donate eggs in the UK with Altrui, donors can explore the process from home and only travel when they really need to (for example, to make the donation itself). Still, it’s important to know the time commitment required. Once donors start their journey, they are asked to attend around 5 appointments at a clinic as close as possible to them. Egg donors receive £750 in compensation towards expenses incurred during the process.


One-to-One Egg Donation in the UK

One of the key aspects that sets Altrui apart when it comes to donating eggs in the UK is what’s known as one-to-one donation. This means that Altrui takes the time to get to know the generous donor, and then carefully match them to one single recipient or recipient couple. This means that your eggs are not split up and distributed. Instead, they go to one very lucky recipient, who will have the very best chances of starting a family, as well as the opportunity for genetically-related siblings.

It makes the experience incredibly personal, and provides an emotional bond unlike any other. We take great pride in spending a whole lot of time, love and care to make the right matches. We don’t just look at physical characteristics, but at personality traits as well. We match you to someone we think you’d really like, if you were to meet.


Who Can Donate Eggs in the UK?

To donate eggs in the UK, women must be between 18 and 35 years old, generally fit and healthy, have a BMI under 35 and no history of inherited diseases, genetic disorders or serious mental illness. If you are unsure as to whether you can donate eggs based on these criteria, you can still register your interest, and we will walk you through whether you are able to or not.

What Happens When Donating Eggs in the UK?

If you are interested in donating eggs in the UK, then you can get started by registering your interest.

If your details indicate that you are able to donate, you will receive an information pack with the essentials of donating eggs – what’s involved, what you can expect, the most frequently asked questions, and how to proceed, if you wish.

The next step is an informal chat where we run you through the process, your reasons for donating eggs, your health, and details around location and potential timing, in case you wish to go ahead.

At this stage, you would likely be required to go through a medical screening to ensure that you are ready for donation.

You would then undergo the initial part of an IVF cycle, which involves self-injections which stimulate the ovaries. You will be monitored throughout the process, and when ready, your eggs will be collected during a short procedure called egg collection.

Where Can I Donate Eggs in the UK?

Altrui works with a number of trusted fertility clinics across the UK and our team of experts will always try to arrange your donation at the clinics most convenient to you. The best place to start is by completing our registration form to receive an information pack with the basics of donating eggs in the UK.

We also run a closed Facebook group for women considering egg donation. This group is full of women who have donated before, fertility experts, and women curious about exploring egg donation. If you’re keen to discover the amazing difference egg donation can make, or chat with a previous donor about their experience, we’d love for you to join us.

With Altrui, you could give a woman or couple a very real chance to start a family. Register your interest and find out how you could give the most special gift to someone who will never forget it.