Knowing how egg donation in the UK works and exactly what is involved in donating eggs, is important. Altrui gives you all the information you need, answers your questions and will be there for you throughout the whole process. You will find that being an Altrui donor is safe, simple, quick and rewarding.

1. Register your interest

Register your interest to check if you’re able to donate and receive an information pack.

2. Think about it!

We encourage you to do research and speak to family, friends and previous donors, so you can decide whether egg donation is right for you. 

3. Apply

If you’d like to continue the process, please complete our donor application form (you will receive it by email after registering your interest). This is to ensure we have enough details about you so that in the next step (phone call), we can walk you through how egg donation would work for you, in your personal situation. 

4. First call

Book a call with a member of the Altrui team. This is to explain the process, chat through your lifestyle and interests, and explore your and your family’s medical history to see if it’s possible for you to continue. It’s helpful to find out as much as you can about any conditions or illnesses blood relatives have been diagnosed with ahead of the call.   

5. AMH test

If you are able to go ahead, we will send an AMH blood test to do at home. This is a hormone test that indicates whether you are producing enough eggs to be a donor.

6. Personal Profile

At the same time, we’ll ask you to complete a Personal Profile, a form with personal information such as what you do for work and fun, why you want to donate and some photos to help us with matching. This non-identifying information will later be shared with the person you have been matched with to help, so that they can get a feel for what you’re like as a person. 

7. Second call

We’ll then ask you to schedule a second, 45-minute call to go through the finer details of the process, from matching to the actual egg donation procedure. With your permission, we’ll start the matching process, where we pair you with a recipient who would love your help. Learn more about our matching process

8. Screening

One of the perks of being an egg donor is that you will receive a full fertility assessment for free. This assessment will give you a detailed picture of your fertility status and valuable insight into your health and how you should approach planning for a family of your own. Once you’re referred to a clinic, we’ll arrange appointments for a counselling session, a medical consultation, and medical screening at a clinic or scanning centre as close to you as possible, to make sure that you can continue. Learn more about the screening process.

9. Treatment

If the results are positive, you can begin the treatment side which involves taking small injections for two weeks. You’ll have monitoring scans every 2-3 days during the second week to ensure that things are progressing smoothly, and have someone from the team there for you every step.

10. Egg Collection

Once you reach the end of the treatment cycle, you’ll go into the clinic for egg collection, a painless, minor procedure that takes around 20 minutes. We’d like to reassure you that it is very rare to experience pain from undergoing the egg collection process. Learn more about this here. The embryos created from your eggs will be transferred to a very grateful woman or couple, who have little or no chance of conceiving without help from generous women like you. Our pregnancy rates are excellent, so there is a very good chance that your donation will be successful, and we can let you know the outcome. 

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