Unless you are lucky enough to have a friend or family member who will be an egg donor for you, Altrui provides the next best thing.

We completely understand what a stressful time this might be, and so we are here to support you and take as much of the strain off your shoulders as we can. Searching for an egg donor on your own can take up so much time and energy, as well as being an emotionally draining experience should your efforts be unsuccessful.

We will find an anonymous, altruistic egg donor right here in the UK – someone who will donate her eggs exclusively to you in that donation treatment cycle. In working with Altrui, we take the pressure and stress off your situation. We do ‘the asking’ – from someone you don’t know, but who will be happy to provide a great deal of non-identifying information so you and your family will feel comfortable about egg donation.

Altrui totally believes that this is the best way forward, giving you the highest chance of starting or completing your family.

How we find an egg donor for you

At Altrui we can offer an egg donation programme that is personally tailored to meet your needs, with a highly experienced and knowledgeable team ready to help find and recruit an egg donor. There are two principal strands to our recruitment, which make it so effective:

Our work starts with assessing and screening all potential egg donors for suitability then supporting them into an egg donation cycle and beyond on your behalf. We ensure that every donor understands exactly what is involved in donating eggs, and the level of commitment that is expected throughout the process.

The part that Altrui plays is to make this as easy a journey for everyone as possible.