Your egg donation will help one couple

In the UK, as with Europe and the USA, there is such a shortage of egg donors that unless the recipient already has a known donor, almost all egg donation cycles are shared between a number of women.

When sharing a collection of eggs, each woman is less likely to achieve pregnancy; their chances are quite literally being divided in half or by a third, depending on how many recipients the cycle is being shared between.

Exclusive egg donation is the best for you and them

At Altrui our exclusive one-to-one donation policy means that when a woman such as yourself comes forward and wishes to donate, the eggs that are collected will only be donated specifically to one person (couple).

We strongly believe this system is beneficial for both parties involved: the recipient is given the best possible chance of becoming pregnant and having the family they dreamed of; and the egg donor doesn’t need to take an even higher dose of medication to create more eggs than is necessary.

One-to-one egg donation gives a higher chance of pregnancy

Because all the eggs that are collected from you are donated to just one woman, the embryologists are able to select only the best embryos to implant, giving the recipient a 60-70% overall chance of becoming pregnant.

With your consent, any additional embryos resulting from your egg donation and the treatment cycle can be frozen for the couple’s future use. This would allow them a second chance at pregnancy should the first cycle prove unsuccessful, or even give them an option of having a genetically related sibling further down the line.