We are delighted to announce that at the beginning of 2019, Altrui partnered with Apricity Fertility. We are sister companies committed to the same goal: reimagining fertility journeys, giving women and couples with the best experience possible through truly personalised support and care.

Altrui was started in 2010 with two main intentions. First, to give total support and care to donors who were offering their help to those who needed it and second, to provide the best service possible in terms of egg donation guidance, matching with a donor, and clarity of information for recipients. Without this, we felt that both egg donors and recipients were left fending for themselves, trying to find their own way through the screening and treatment processes of egg donation in an unsupported and unfamiliar world.

Clear communication between donors, recipients and clinics is of paramount importance to us so that treatment can progress as seamlessly as possible. Apricity Fertility’s approach and values totally reflect and complement those of Altrui, offering fully personalised service to both recipients and donors.

“Apricity and Altrui are proud to put women and couples at the centre of care, supporting those trying to conceive emotionally, personally and medically. We are thrilled to work with each other, offering a full suite of services from fertility diagnostics to egg donation. Altrui brings their tremendous experience and knowledge of egg donation to Apricity, while Apricity complements the egg donation journey for donors and recipients by offering a dedicated advisor seven days a week, an app to offer guidance through every stage of treatment, and bespoke options to help individuals access care more conveniently. Together, we aim to minimise the pain points too often seen in fertility journeys.”


Apricity AdvisorIVF appBespoke Journey

Our service is second to none for donors. Through Apricity we can offer the same level of care and support to recipients with the help of an Apricity fertility advisor, a personalised mobile app guiding both recipients and donors through every stage of their journey, and options to help donors and recipients receive elements of their care locally to them. The help and support from a team of professionals who know the egg donation process and can steer a clear pathway through treatment is invaluable and highly recommended.

Apricity is the fertility treatment arm of Altrui, and Altrui is the egg donation arm of Apricity, who will tailor and streamline many parts of the egg donation process. Apricity will make it as easy, simple, convenient and personal as possible for recipients in a way that Altrui cannot. It enables Altrui clients to benefit from a larger organisational link with the best Licensed Treatment Centres and latest research, to maximise the chances of a successful outcome.

The Altrui-Apricity pathway has key advantages for both donors and recipients. However, there are alternative treatment pathways through Altrui’s wider network of Licensed Treatment Centres. Once an egg donor is found, we will discuss which pathway would be most suitable for the donor and, naturally, will take into account your preference, and what works best for you and your individual care.

Should you have any questions about how we work together, please contact or     info@altrui.co.uk or contact@apricity.life

If you’d like to chat to one of Apricity’s fertility advisors to find out how more on your egg donation journey, please visit www.apricity.life or email contact@apricity.life