Information about your egg donor

We aim to give you as much information as we can about your egg donor, but it is all non-identifying, and it will be significantly more than you will get from anywhere else.  When you have been matched with a donor, you will receive:

  • Her physical characteristics. We will send you information about the egg donor that we use for matching including whether or not she has children and their ages.
  • A personal profile. Each donor is asked to complete a more extensive personal profile, written in her own words, giving a greater insight into her character and personality. In this she will give a reason why she has decided to become an egg donor.
  • A childhood photograph. If possible, we will give you a photograph of the donor as a baby or child up to the age of 6, but she is under no obligation to provide one if she prefers not to, or for some reason cannot. If it is too similar to how she looks as an adult, we will not be able to pass this on in case it identifies her.
Information and Registration