With Altrui, egg donation is anonymous at the point of donating your eggs. You will not know the person who you are matched with and they will not know you. Your identity will only be disclosed to staff at the clinic where you will go through the egg donation process. The Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority (HFEA) is the authority for egg donation in the UK who keeps the register of all donors. Altrui is data protected and we have high security encryption on our computers, ensuring any information you provide us with is kept strictly confidential; it will never be passed on without your specific permission.

Only non-identifying information about you will be passed on to the recipient couple with whom you are matched – we will discuss this with you further before any information whatsoever is disclosed. Generally speaking, this information will include a copy of your personal profile, general details of your physical characteristics and a baby photo.

Can any future child find out who their egg donor is?

Yes. Any child who has been conceived as a result of egg donation in the UK will have the legal right to contact the HFEA for identifying information about you when they turn 18. They will however be unable to trace you independently, needing to apply to the HFEA for the release of any information. Should this happen you would be given written notice informing you of their request, and then offered counselling to discuss the implications, before any details about you are released.

While some donors are unduly concerned about this and worry that they will be ‘tracked’ or ‘pursued’ later on in life, it is considered to be in the best interests of a child that they have the right to know about their identity. The purpose of this register is not so that the child can become part of your life or form a relationship with you, but so they can have access to important genetic information should they need it.

In reality, children who have been conceived through egg donation will have been desperately wanted by their parents and will have grown up in a safe and loving family environment. By the time they are able to ask for this information they will be adults, with the ability to make their own choices.

Any child conceived from your egg donation will have no legal rights or claims on you or your estate, and as an egg donor, you will have no legal rights, responsibilities or claims for, or upon, any child.