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January 2021 Update: Fertility & Lockdown

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    Why Altrui?

    One-to-one donation
    79% Pregnancy Rate
    Matched with Care
    Detailed Donor Information
    Cost Effective
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    For Donors

    Getting Egg Donation Right

    We specialise in finding, matching and looking after altruistic egg donors with one-to-one, anonymous donation. We are proud of the outstanding success rates with Altrui donors, from working in partnership with the best clinicians in this country.

    Our whole ethos at Altrui is not just to get egg donation right for our donors and recipients but, most importantly, for any child, or children, that may be born as a result. Whilst we are fully focused on helping our recipients to get pregnant, we also look longer term to consider what is best for any future children, which is why we have taken such care in planning the way Altrui works and what makes us so different.

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    About Altrui

    For Recipients

    Leading the field in egg donation

    As the first organisation of its type in the UK, Altrui has set the ‘gold’ standard in terms of egg donation, which has resulted in hundreds of successful pregnancies, and families, from our amazingly kind, altruistic UK donors. We are delighted to be amongst the handful of organisations that are mentioned on the HFEA website and on the NGDT website.

    You may have already discovered from your research that there is no other service in this country that offers the same unique combination of:

    • exclusive 1:1 donation, with
    • altruistic donors – all from the UK,
    • carefully matched with you, and providing
    • detailed information about the donor.

    Altrui helps deliver the highest pregnancy rates, the greatest fulfilment and has also led to many families who have been able to have genetically related children.

    We have carefully structured our service to give the very greatest chance of pregnancy whilst at the same time supporting and looking after the donors. Just read our testimonials, or look at our 5 star rating on Facebook, to see how much it all means to these amazing young women.

    Altrui is a small dedicated team, specialising in the care of everyone involved in the process. We help you by finding an egg donor so you can undergo treatment at a clinic here in the UK.  You can be confident that you will receive ongoing care from an expert clinical team, backed up by Altrui, and that your egg donor has been through fully regulated screening with full protection of UK law.

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