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With over 25 years’ experience, Altrui is the only independent organisation in this country who proactively helps people in need of donor eggs to find an altruistic egg donor here in the UK, and we are proud to be one of the very few that are mentioned on the HFEA website.

We will make your egg donation journey as personal, successful and as easy for you as we can. The way we have structured Altrui with the child in mind gives you the highest chance of becoming pregnant and creating your family.

Our donors are second to none and are genuinely the kindest people you could hope to meet, as one of the clinics with which we work confirms:

“Each time I meet a donor I am amazed with the lengths they go to, to ensure the treatment achieves fruition and I think they can’t surprise me any more, but I am proved wrong so often, as the next donor goes another extra mile!!!”


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I found being a donor a really rewarding experience and it was much easier than I had anticipated. Both the team at Altrui and at the unit were wonderful, caring and considerate, and were always available if I had any questions or for support. We soon got the hang of the meds and I luckily didn’t feel any effects from them. I found the procedure much quicker, easier and less painful than I had thought it might be. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Altrui.

Sarah - Egg Donor

I wanted to let you know (and the donor) that we’ve had a positive result for the first time after 6 tries of IVF. It’s truly wonderful. We are absolutely delighted, thrilled, amazed!!! Thank you so much to both you and the donor for making this happen for us.  We are so very grateful. Just know that you and the donor have made us incredibly happy and hopeful for the family we have been longing for and trying so hard to have.

Jane - Egg Recipient

I felt Altrui were brilliant, they were very informative and incredibly helpful. I had a couple of issues with dates the clinic had given me due to my husband being away, but Altrui got in touch with them and got it sorted straight away. They are brilliant; they are there every step of the way. I can’t reccomend them enough! Thank you!

Rebecca - Egg Donor

Being a donor has been a life-changing experience for me. I am so glad I’ve been able to help someone to potentially have a child/children. The whole process was explained so well to me with all the different staff members/nurses/doctors etc, I felt at ease every step of the way.

Rebecca - Egg Donor

veryone I dealt with was extremely friendly and supportive and I felt very appreciated. Understandably egg donation isn’t for everyone, you do have to have quite a bit of spare time to attend appointments and injections aren’t pleasurable but certainly tolerable, but it is really worth it at the end. I can’t express the feeling you have when the couple get the end result we all hope for too.

Rhiann - Egg Donor

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