Why Altrui’s approach to Egg Donation is so Cost Effective

Our ‘one donor to one recipient’ policy means that when we have carefully matched you to an Altrui egg donor, all eggs from that one treatment cycle will be donated exclusively to you. Given that the average egg collection is 15 eggs, this is what makes this policy so cost effective and successful.

Unlike most other donor egg IVF programmes in the UK, with Altrui you will not share eggs with another woman and will therefore most likely have more than enough embryos to give you the opportunity of more than one treatment from that one donation.

Having an exclusive altruistic egg donor in the UK with Altrui is cost effective because:

  1. The best embryos can be selected for transfer, which gives you the highest chance of a pregnancy.
  2. 81% of our recipients have blastocysts to freeze. This means that it is possible to use frozen embryos from the same donation in the future, and not have to start all over again with a different egg donor, with all the related costs.
  3. Having one exclusive egg donor means you could potentially have several opportunities to become pregnant from this one donation, saving massively on costs.
  4. Additionally, if you do become pregnant, your frozen embryos from this one egg donor provide the opportunity of having further genetically and biologically related children in the future via further donor egg IVF cycles.

Compare the cost of one egg donation treatment cycle with Altrui plus one (or more) follow-up frozen embryo transfers, with two separate full egg donation treatment cycles elsewhere and we think that you will be convinced of the cost effectiveness of our approach.