Our Finance Options

When you choose to have your egg donation treatment with Altrui & Apricity, our sister fertility company, we are able to offer you insurance options to help with the costs of your egg donor treatment. Through our partnership with Gaia Family, you can receive a personalised financial plan, with easy pay monthly options after a live birth. In the case of unsuccessful treatment, opting for insurance with Gaia means that you will receive reimbursements for part of the cost.

How Does Finance Work?

With Gaia, the full cost of your fertility treatment will be covered, including medication and other essential treatment. If your chosen fertility treatment is successful and results in a baby, you can begin to repay monthly for your treatment, with a flexible plan and fixed interest rate. For those who have opted for Gaia’s insurance coverage, and do not have a baby by the end of treatment, you will only pay a fraction of the cost.

Your Gaia Journey

1. A personalised plan is recommended for you.

After you have had a consultation with a fertility specialist, the experts at Gaia will estimate your individual chances of having a live birth using their AI algorithm, and will design a payment plan that is personalised to you.

2. Choose your insurance plan and begin treatment.

With Gaia’s insurance plans, a large part of our fees will be covered, should your treatment be unsuccessful. Choose from a variety of plans to suit your needs, before you begin your Apricity & Altrui treatment.

3. Access Gaia’s additional support.

Once you have chosen your insurance and finance plan, you will receive access to Gaia’s additional support throughout your treatment, including a membership portal, counselling, events, and 1:1 sessions with medical advisors.

4. Monthly finance options after successful treatment.

If your treatment is successful, Gaia’s flexible monthly plans ensure that you pay an amount that suits you, over a time period of your choice. Each personalised plan has a fixed interest rate, with options as low as £150 per month. Should you choose to pay part of it early or upfront, there are no repayment fees, and Gaia will reduce your subsequent monthly payments.

Am I Eligible for Finance?

All of Gaia’s tailored insurance and financing plans are subject to credit checks, to assess your personal affordability for your treatment plan. The experts at Gaia also consider your chances of a successful live birth, before creating finance and insurance options that are personal to you.

Start Your Egg Donation Treatment 

To discover more about Altrui and Apricity’s treatment plans and our finance options, get in touch with our expert advisors today. Once your egg donor treatment plan has been decided, we will refer you to the Gaia team for more information about finance to suit you.