Most people are not aware of the egg donation process and what it entails unless they know somebody who has chosen to donate or receive eggs. Why is this? Is it because egg donation predominantly affects women and is therefore seen as less important? Or is it because discussions around motherhood are viewed as ‘taboo’? In this blog, we will explore the relation egg donation has to the concept of feminism.

Is it Fair to the Egg Donor?

The egg donation process is used by people who need help to successfully start a family. This includes older women, women with certain health conditions and LGBTQ+ couples. The egg donors who donate their eggs are offered counselling to ensure they are completely comfortable with their decision and the process itself. Plus, the egg donation process is designed to be as time-efficient and safe as possible at every level.

It is illegal to pay women to donate their eggs in the UK so the decision women make to egg donations cannot be motivated by financial circumstances.UK Egg donors are altruistic women who want to help others. Women should be free to make informed choices about their body without judgement, and the egg donation process is a part of this narrative.

Making a Difference in the World

Egg donation in the UK is an altruistic and selfless act that has a huge impact, women donate their eggs to a recipient who is otherwise unable to have children. It can help women and intended parents to have the life they imagined with the help of science.

For example, blood donation is a common way people choose to help others, but many women are unable to give blood due to low iron stores, body size and other medical reasons. Young women are often not aware that they are able to make a difference in the world another way: by donating their eggs. The impact of safe and structured egg donation process is huge, and yet many women are unaware that they can do it.

If we leave the conversation around egg donation to only occur between people who are trying to have children, then potential egg donors will remain in the dark about the life-changing impact they can have. At Altrui we are active in engaging with past egg donors and always looking for new ways to find new donors, through social media and other outreach campaigns. Talking to donors and asking other donors to help spread the word about egg donation can make all the difference in this space.

Empowering Women with Choice 

Egg donation is arguably a feminist action because it is empowers women’s lives, both the women who choose to donate, and also the women who receive the eggs.

Feminism has many different definitions but one of the most widely understood principles centres on viewing women as people with their own autonomy. Egg donation gives women a possibility and choice around pregnancy and their families.

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