A counsellor is someone neutral and not directly involved in your medical care. They are there to look out for your interests and offer you a great source of information and support. We asked Altrui counsellor’s what in her opinion is the most important when taking care of your mental health during egg donation.

“Egg donation is an incredibly generous act but it also has consequences. Therefore, all egg donors are offered implications counselling at the beginning of their journey. This is a very important part of the donation process. Implications counselling offers time and space to explore the potential legal, social, ethical and emotional implications of the donor’s decision to donate eggs. This is an opportunity to safely consider thoughts and feelings, to ask questions and share potential concerns. This is an opportunity to make sure the decision to donate eggs is the right one for the donor, her family and donor offspring.

Some of the donors come to the session well researched and knowledgeable but still appreciate the opportunity to talk about the process and explore their thoughts regarding donating eggs. Other donors find that they are able to learn new things, ask questions and share any concerns.

Additionally to the initial implications counselling, all donors can access supportive counselling if during the process, they feel they need additional support to explore feelings and thoughts.

All counselling is confidential so donors are able to share anything they need to discuss.”