We’re so amazingly grateful to the women who embark on the incredible egg donation journey. Read below the testimonials from repeat egg donors – the women that felt so good about their egg donation gift that they decided being amazing once wasn’t enough. They came back and gave the life-changing gift… again!


“I have now successfully donated twice, and on both occasions it has been the most positive experience. […] I can’t express the feeling you have when the couple get the end result we all hope for too. I would definitely recommend Altrui for anyone who was thinking of donating, they are an amazing team.” 


“This is the second time I’ve done egg donation and it’s the most rewarding feeling ever to know what you are giving to another couple. The emotion I feel afterwards is amazing and overwhelming.” 


“Altrui and the clinic are a big part as to why I chose to donate again and again – without the fab service I wouldn’t have been able to do it and it’s been like a journey with friends each time. Lovely people, lovely place and I can’t recommend you all highly enough.” 


Rachel has gone through egg donation with Altrui twice. She spoke about her incredible journey with an egg donor recipient in September 2020, and the exchange is pretty special. Watch it below.


Sally has donated through Altrui multiple times. She spoke about her incredible journey during our webinar in April 2021. Watch her story below.

If you’re interested in watching the full webinar, click here.

Is egg donation or repeat egg donation something you would consider? If so, there’s just never been a better time. The aftermath of lockdown means that a record number of women and couples are desperate for an egg donor to start a family, and we’re searching far and wide to try to help. If you’re up for it, register interest to start the process from home: