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A comprehensive support package for Altrui recipients

At Altrui, we are here to support you throughout your donor egg IVF journey, whether you’re just starting to dip your toes into the world of egg donation, or already feel ready for us to find the perfect donor. In this spirit, we are delighted to be partnering with Becky Kearns of DefiningMum, to give all our egg donor recipients in 2021 the opportunity to join Paths To Parenthub with a free 3 month membership.

Paths to Parenthub has been lovingly created by a mum to three girls through egg donation, Becky Kearns of DefiningMum. Becky knows from personal experience how embarking on this path to parenthood using donor egg IVF can sometimes feel lonely, complex and often requires deep, emotional consideration. She’s learned that making this decision isn’t just a one-off, but hopefully the start of a life-long parenting journey.

All Altrui recipients in 2021 will receive a free, 3-month membership to the Paths to ParentHub, and all of the wonderful resources and companionship that it offers:

Watch our live session with DefiningMum

We had a live session on Becky’s Instagram, discussing how we work and the importance of emotional support throughout donor journeys. If you missed it, don’t worry! You can now watch the full recording here:

“Hi Becky, my husband and I listened to you on the [Paths to Parenthub] webinar last night and found your honesty and insight so helpful. We are in a very similar situation to what you have been through and are awaiting a donor egg match with Altrui after my diagnosis of reduced ovarian reserve. I have read and listened to many stories of infertility but for some reason you connected with me (through Zoom!) We just wanted to say thank you.”

Feedback from a Paths to Parenthub member & Altrui recipient

Becoming an egg recipient with Altrui

We do things a little differently at Altrui, and we believe that’s one of the reasons behind our pregnancy rate, the highest in the country. Our unique approach puts you and your donor at the centre of everything that we do, ensuring you both have the right information, support and medical care to give you the best chances of success.