I’ve just received a call from one of the nurses at Guys. Unfortunately the nasal spray has been taken off the market so in its place I have to take the same drugs in an injection form. This is slightly daunting news. I know that there are some drugs to be injected later in the process but this is a lot sooner and more responsibility on my part to administer them correctly.

Luckily I have a friend who is a nurse and one that is an insulin-dependent diabetic, both of whom are very familiar with
injections. I feel confident I will be fine – it’s just a bit of a shock! I was offered full support from the clinic even down to an appointment to show me how to inject myself. However I have supportive friends and a GP who is “in on the process” so feel that I’ll see how I get on first then can always ask for more help.

The delivery of the drugs went really smoothly. After a phone call from the drugs company to set the delivery up they were delivered by 9:00am on the day in question all packaged up in a refrigerated box looking very serious and stylish in the purple zip up case provided! I went through the box putting in the fridge the important refrigerated goodies and familiarised myself with the drugs to be injected. I even got a very handy (and probably compulsory) needle disposal box. Obviously this cleared any worries of using needles in the house with my toddler around. I felt in control and ready to go …if a little nervous about injecting myself for the first time.

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