Two? Nope! Nowhere close.

In egg donation there are many more – you might be surprised to realise just how many people are involved in the whole process and especially in your care as a donor! In all there must be well over 15 of us, each having a part to play in this incredible journey to help a couple have a baby.

It starts at the beginning with you and your partner (if you have one), the Altrui staff who support you, the clinic and all the team there who make the magic happen.


At the clinic your treatment is managed by a team consisting of doctors, nurses, scanners, counsellors, admin staff, phlebotomists who take your blood samples, embryologists who collect and fertilise your eggs, and many others who have a greater or lesser part to play in the process. Not to mention the couple and their mums, dads and wider family who are in the background, waiting hopefully for the day their turn will come.

So when you go for an appointment, you might be thinking that it’s just you and one other person involved in your treatment, but you’re wrong! As a donor, each time you go to the clinic, at least six people are scrambled to action, all ready to apply their unique expertise to the different stages of your journey through treatment.

So being a donor really is quite something. It affects a number of people who you may not meet, but everyone will be in place, ready and willing to look after and support you.