We hope that you are well in these trying times. Although egg donation might not be top of mind at the moment, we thought that you might like to know that Altrui is holding two free informational webinars for recipients on Wednesday, April 15th. We will chat through the process of egg donation and you will have a chance to ask questions remotely. Should you be interested, you can register using the links below:

Register for the 12:30 webinar

Register for the 18:00 webinar

To protect anonymity we suggest accessing the webinar using a different name on the day, although we will require an email to send you the link details. Your email will not be shared with anyone.

We hope that you will join us on April 15th.

About the Event

Come join the UK’s trusted egg donation experts in a free webinar hosted by Altrui founder, Alison Bagshawe.

*Please note this is an event for recipients. We will also cover the impact of Coronavirus (Covid-19) on egg donation

Altrui is the UK leader in one-to-one egg donation, proactively helping people in need of donor eggs to find an altruistic donor in the UK. We match with love and care, giving us the best pregnancy rates in the country.

Our aim is to make the whole process as quick, easy and straightforward as we can, giving you expert support and professional guidance along the way.

This informal event will take form in a video chat with Altrui founder Alison Bagshawe. It will give you an opportunity to learn about egg donation and ask questions from the comfort of your home. We will also cover the impact of Coronavirus on egg donation and what it means for Altrui.

The webinar will be hosted on Zoom and last approximately 45 minutes. If you have any further questions, you will be able to book a one-to-one with a member of the Altrui team.

Questions can be asked by chat during the webinar or in advance by emailing gs@altrui.co.uk (we will keep your name anonymous).

Click here to register for the webinar.