Egg Donation in Surrey

Here at Altrui, our mission is to help women to begin a family using egg donation – where our success rates speak for themselves. With our network of award-winning clinics located throughout the UK, we want to ensure that women can to have the family they have been dreaming of without having to travel far for treatment. For those considering becoming an egg donor in Surrey, or receiving egg donation in Surrey, our process is straightforward and easy. Supported by our compassionate team, and fertility experts at our nearby partner clinics in South East England, the highest quality care from is given to our donors and egg recipients in Surrey.


Becoming an Egg Donor in Surrey

Whatever your reasoning for wishing to be one of our egg donors in Surrey, we’re sure that you have an altruistic desire to help others. Our donors may reach out after being moved by a friend’s story, or may simply be responding to an advert; either way, we strive to ensure that our donors are all well-supported throughout the egg donation process, with wellbeing counselling and full support provided by our caring Altrui team.

In addition to wellbeing support, we also aim to financially support all of our egg donors in Surrey financially. Although it is against the law to pay egg donors in the UK, we reimburse our donors for their invested effort and time (up to a rate of £750 per donation cycle), which includes travel costs. Because of the experienced fertility specialists and first-rate equipment found in our partner clinics, the egg donation process itself is also easy and pain-free for donors.


Becoming an Egg Donor Recipient in Surrey

At the heart of our egg donation services are our large group of altruistic egg donors, who make it possible for other women to receive donor eggs in Surrey. For those using our egg recipiency services, our specialists will begin by tailoring a treatment plan in accordance with your needs. Through our top-rated partner clinics located nearby, including Thames Valley Fertility in nearby Maidenhead, and King’s Fertility in South London, we can ensure that egg recipiency treatment in Surrey is convenient for you, where you will receive only the best care throughout your experience.  For additional support, both our app and our fertility counsellors are there to help at each point in your journey.

We are particularly proud of our high pregnancy rates for those participating in egg donation with us at Altrui, which includes women over the age of 40. Recommended by the HFEA for our egg donation expertise, we have also selected each of our partner clinics for their fertility care and state-of-the-art technology.

If you would like more information about becoming an egg donor or egg donation recipiency in Surrey, get in touch with one of our Altrui advisors today. Call us on 01969 667875 or email