Egg Donation in Hertfordshire

At Altrui, we’re incredibly proud of our success rates for women looking to begin a family using egg donation. With our countless altruistic donors, and our network of clinics throughout the UK, women no longer need to travel abroad for treatment to have the family they have dreamed of. Because of this, becoming an egg donor in Hertfordshire, and receiving egg donation in Hertfordshire is a straightforward process with Altrui. Additionally supported by our caring team throughout the process, our voluntary donors and egg recipients are also provided with outstanding care from the fertility specialists at our nearby partner clinics.


Becoming an Egg Donor in Hertfordshire

Although there are numerous reasons why our egg donors in Hertfordshire choose to donate, we recognise that all of our donors are ultimately altruistic people looking to help. Whether you are responding to an advert, or are motivated by a past experience, we take the time to ensure that all of our donors are all fully comfortable with everything that egg donation entails. Wellbeing counselling and support is available throughout your journey, provided by our Altrui team of specialists.

We also strive to make sure that our egg donors in Hertfordshire are financially supported. Though egg donors in the UK cannot be legally paid, we reimburse our donors for their daily expenses and travel costs, up to a rate of £750 per donation cycle. The egg donation procedure itself is simple and pain-free, due to the fertility specialists and technologically advanced equipment at each of our partner clinics.


Becoming an Egg Donor Recipient in Hertfordshire

Additionally, we offer our services to women looking to receive donor eggs in Hertfordshire. With a bespoke treatment plan that is tailored to your needs, we ensure that each egg recipient is fully supported and receives an exceptional level of care throughout. Our clinic network contains 7 highly-rated clinics within South East England and Hertfordshire, including IVF London in Elstree, located within easy access of road and rail networks. Egg recipients in Hertfordshire are also provided with a clear overview of treatment, via our dedicated Altrui app, in addition to our on-hand fertility counsellors who are there to support you on your journey.

Because we are HFEA-recommended for our egg donation expertise, we have also ensured that each of our partner clinics has been hand selected for their care and knowledge. We’re exceptionally proud that pregnancy rates for those participating in egg donation with Altrui are at a sustained high level.

If you would like more information about becoming an egg donor or egg donation recipiency in Hertfordshire, get in touch with one of our Altrui advisors today. Call us on 01969 667875 or email