Lucy gives the reasons why she became an egg donor and explains why she knew what recipients struggling to start a family might experience.

She goes on to say why it is important for egg donors and people considering egg donation to do their research before hand and the reasons for choosing Altrui to donate through.

This egg donor describes her journey through the egg donation treatment cycle and why being an egg donor is so special to her.

The reason why I chose to become an egg donor was because when I was younger I was told I’d never be able to have children, because I had polycystic ovaries. That devastated me at the time, but I did go on to have my own children and I know how that made me feel, when I was told that, so if I could help someone else, then yes, 100% I would be there for somebody else.

I chose to go through Altrui to become an egg donor because they were very knowledgeable in the whole procedure, very supportive. I felt going through Altrui with the support they gave me was outstanding. They sent me literature via email and through the post, so should I want to pick it up and go through it, it was there.

If I thought, “Oh God, I’ve got a question,” I would go back and go through it. Altrui were brilliant. They would contact me just to touch base, to make sure everything was okay. I was happy with the hospital I was under and just through the whole procedure, I would get phone calls, a text and yes, they were good.

I found the process for egg donation fairly straightforward. I was well taken care of by the hospital. If I had any questions, all I needed to do was pick up the phone and ask.

It’s really important, for me that I looked into it, as it was time consuming for those few couple of weeks.

To be the recipient of my eggs, how devastated she would have been at the end of it if I decided, “Oh, no, no, it’s too much, I can’t go through with it.” So, it was important to know exactly what was involved prior to starting the process of becoming an egg donor.

But, the egg collection itself wasn’t painful at all and the support after was brilliant. Egg donation was special to me, to know that I was able to help somebody become a family, which, for me, is very important. I love my family to bits and to be able to share that opportunity with somebody else is amazing.