cute easter egg chick made of clay

Easter is just around the corner and, for Altrui, that means several things – Bank Holidays and relaxing, plenty of chocolate, and an irresistible opportunity to “chat eggs”.

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Easter has a greater link to fertility than a lot of people might realise. Originally, Easter was the celebration of Ishtar, the Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of fertility, love, war and sex. The way we celebrate Easter today has nothing to do with her, but the idea of an egg as a symbol of birth, fertility and resurrection has cropped up throughout history.

When it comes to humans and eggs, it might surprise you to know that most women are born with a finite amount of eggs – 1 or 2 million. By the time a girl reaches puberty, she is likely to have lost half a million of the eggs she was born, and will ovulate only 400-500 eggs throughout her lifetime.

Easter is generally a symbolic time to reflect on closing chapters and new beginnings, and of course, one to celebrate with family. But for some women, men, and couples, Easter is another holiday without a little hand to hold – and many of these are desperately needing the help of an egg donor to have the child they long for.

There are many reasons why egg donors are needed – failed IVF attempts using own eggs, inheritable genetic diseases, endometriosis, cancer and chemotherapy treatment can all have a devastating impact on a woman’s fertility. For these women, donated eggs are the only way to have a child. Gay couples who wish to have a baby through a surrogate also rely on the kindness of donors. The altruistic act of donating eggs is the most precious gift, for which recipients are forever grateful. Egg donation turns lives around and transforms the dream of having a child into reality.

We’ll be chatting about eggs across our social media channels over the next few days, sharing facts and collecting questions we can answer for you. To participate, please follow @altruieggdonor on InstagramFacebook or Twitter. We’ll be chomping on Easter eggs during the holidays, but we’ll answer your questions when we’re back.

Have a wonderful Easter,

Team Altrui