Donor Conception Network 25th Anniversary

Altrui had the honour of being invited to the House of Lords on Tuesday 17th April to an evening reception by the Donor Conception Network (DCN) who are celebrating the 25th anniversary of founding the Network. With massive security in place, and London gridlocked due to the CHoGM (Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting), we arrived in time to catch up with past colleagues and to hear the excellent speakers. By the end of the evening there was no question about what the DCN have achieved over the past 25 years and the support and enthusiasm that is continually growing for this very necessary organisation. The DCN provide a safe and professional environment where children, adults and families can meet, and hear from, others in the same position. If you are thinking of starting or completing a family through egg, sperm or embryo donation, they are the people to go to as they offer support and will guide you through any natural fears and anxiety. Having started Altrui 8 years ago, we fully appreciated the struggle that the DCN had in its early years, but attending this event 25 years on proved just how far reaching, how necessary, and how highly regarded the organisation is today.