Donating eggs can totally change the life of a woman (or couple) who would love to be a mother but will never have the chance of having a family without the help of a donor.

However, egg donation can itself be equally life changing for some donors, who can find that the process takes her out of her comfort zone through doing something that she would never previously have considered within her ability to do.

Going through the egg donation treatment cycle can be challenging and somewhat different from ‘normal’ life, and those women who go ahead with donation can often discover such a powerful rewarding sense of achievement and worth, that they find their own life changes dramatically as a consequence. We have come across needle phobics who find that by going through the treatment and self-injecting, they completely lose their fear of needles. Others who worry about travelling, and in particular on trains, subsequently find themselves visiting friends and family all over the country. And there are donors who, up until then, haven’t felt particularly good or successful, go on to apply for (and get) new jobs, and some even start up their own businesses. With the goal of being an egg donor unwanted weight comes off and others decide that it is finally the time to stop smoking. So all in all there comes from egg donation many life changing experiences.

The great bonus to egg donation is that donors can also achieve so much personally from the experience – for most the boost to confidence, self-esteem and sense of well-being felt afterwards is so unexpected and surprising but so totally deserved. The beginning of their journey with us is involved with preparation and planning for helping others, taking one step after the next and totally focussing on giving of themselves for another’s benefit, but nothing can really prepare them for the life changing experience it often becomes.