Becoming an egg donor is a special opportunity to enrich the lives of those wanting to start, grow or complete a family. And, if you’re reading this, it is possible that you are interested in helping someone achieve their dreams of having children.

Altrui places great emphasis on finding donors who are kind-hearted and who want to help people struggling to conceive. Being an egg donor is a beautiful, generous and altruistic gift that can immeasurably improve lives, and all our donors are very special in their reasons for wanting to help.

So, what do you need to know before becoming an egg donor?

There are some criteria to being an egg donor:

Why do I need to be 35 or under?

Because after this age eggs in the ovary undergo subtle but significant genetic changes that may later cause problems for a recipient, such as increased risk of miscarriage and greater risks to a baby of developing abnormalities during pregnancy.

Why does my BMI have to be under 35?

A higher BMI can negatively impact the treatment and can affect the outcome of the cycle. There are higher risks to you if you are significantly overweight and the development of the eggs could be impaired. To go through a process like egg donation, you will want the very best outcome to make it worthwhile, which is why you need to be within the normal BMI range.

It’s worth noting that a very low BMI can also be problematic, in which case you might be asked to gain weight before starting a cycle.

Why should I avoid becoming pregnant during the process?

Egg donation is about helping someone else start or grow their family, and so trying to conceive whilst being an egg donor will create a conflict between the two desired outcomes.

Also, egg donation treatment is designed to stimulate multiple egg development, so should you become pregnant during this time, you would run a high risk of having a multiple pregnancy which would not be safe for you or any babies.

But why donate through Altrui?

Altrui is special in ways that most of our donors find invaluable. You come first and foremost, and we put your needs and health at the heart of everything we do. From the very outset you are given all the information you need to feel comfortable that being an egg donor is the right decision. You will have our support before, during and after the donation process, and we hope you will find it one of the most rewarding things you have ever done

The key with us is not just in the support of you as a donor, but the way in which you will be matched with one recipient. This gives them the best chance of becoming pregnant as all the eggs that you donate go to them, rather than being shared. With your help they have the potential of starting a family where the children are genetically related.

We are a small and friendly team with years of experience. We put Altrui’s four core values – integrity, honesty, determination and kindness – at the heart of everything we do so that we can deliver an egg donation journey that works for you as a donor.

To ensure the high level of care, Altrui only has agreements with trusted clinics with whom we have built relationships over many years and who we know will offer donors the expertise and consideration they deserve.

Want to know more?

Our egg donation information page hopefully has all you need to know about becoming an egg donor. But, as ever, if you have any questions or need to talk something through, please don’t hesitate to contact the Altrui team.