Reading the advanced information about this year’s Fertility Show, we were struck about how little information there was about finding an egg donor in the UK. It appeared that the majority of the stands were taken by clinics from overseas promoting egg donation in their country, but almost nothing at all from the UK.

Altrui Stand at Fertility Show 2017

Altrui Stand at Fertility Show

We at Altrui feel that it is so important that potential recipients know that it is possible to find a donor here in the UK and that it is no longer necessary to go abroad for egg donation, unless they specifically wished to do so for their own reasons. Many overseas clinics offered cheaper, and possibly quicker, options of finding a donor, but the hidden costs and limited information for people going for this are clearly apparent to those who know about the process.

Fortunately, UK treatment centres and other organisations who were there, including the HFEA, were all equally enthusiastic to make people aware that there are options in this country. The donors who come forward to donate via Altrui are fantastic proof that finding an egg donor in the UK is the safest and ultimately in the very best interest of any future child – these donors are the kindest and most generous people you could hope to meet.

Exhausting though the two days were, we just had to be there to say how incredible the donors are here in this country and that there are people out there who will help. We just have to ask.