Letters from egg donors to recipients are full of selfless emotions and grand feelings. These women do extraordinary things by making the dreams of those longing for a child come true. This love letter from an anonymous donor was published in HuffPost last July, and it gives the readers an insight into the charitable mindset of many egg donors:

‘I realised the gift I was making was not just of my eggs; it was a gift of hope, of humanity, of love. That may sound weird and probably pretty corny. We’ve never met. I don’t know who you are. But a gift of love doesn’t just evaporate. It lasts.’

The donor, who became a mother with the help of a sperm-donor, gives priceless advice on the importance of an honest relationship between recipients and their donor-conceived children:

‘I hope that you have felt confident enough to tell your son that I was part of his story. I hope it makes him feel special, knowing that he was so wanted that we collaborated to bring him into the world. I hope it helps him value kindness and gives him faith in human nature. You have helped me teach my own kids the importance of helping someone else just because you can. But most of all I hope there are no secrets so that, if one day he comes to find me, he does so from a place of curiosity and interest, and not hurt and loss. In an age where genetic heritage is searchable online, secrets don’t stay buried, so I hope his truth has been shared with love and there is no risk he will stumble on it alone with his fingertips at a computer. If you haven’t told him yet, be brave. As a parent of donor-conceived teenagers myself I know there is nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to fear. He’ll feel comfortable if you tell it comfortably.’

We have read so many letters like this delivered to our office, but we are still in complete awe of the kindness of these women who come forward to change lives. To read this touching love letter visit HuffPost.

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