Who needs egg donation?

The ability to have a family and children of our own is something that many of us probably take for granted. But for some women when they try for a baby, they find that they are unable to conceive without the help of another person’s eggs.

There are a number of reasons why women who need egg donation are unable to produce their own eggs:

  • They may have been born with a congenital condition, which means that they have either absent or underdeveloped ovaries.
  • They may have undergone treatment for cancer, such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy, which will often damage the eggs and ovaries so that no eggs are produced.
  • About one in a hundred women under the age of 40 will go though a premature menopause. Sometimes this can happen very early on when they are in their teens or early twenties.
  • Some women have undergone repeated IVF treatment cycles where they have not responded to stimulation, produced poor quality eggs which do not fertilise or simply been unable to fall pregnant.
  • Some women are fertile and able to produce eggs, but suffer from or carry serious genetic diseases. Using donated eggs avoids passing the condition onto a child; it may be the only way that these women can have a fit and healthy baby.
  • Some women have tried and failed to start a family for many years, despite there being no medical reason as to why they are unable to conceive.

The chances are that the person who you could help falls into one of these categories. If you decide that you would like to donate eggs with Altrui, we will usually tell you the reason why your help is so desperately needed and how long the couple has been trying for a baby. This knowledge often makes your donation very special and personal.

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