If you are running an assisted conception unit, you may be interested to know that Altrui offers a very unique service which helps couples find altruistic anonymous egg donors for their exclusive use in the UK. This enables patients, referred to Altrui by their Licensed Treatment Centre, to remain and have treatment at the same clinic, under the consultant that they know, with an egg donor from the UK.

For compliance with the HFEA and to ensure that recipients and donors get the highest levels of care and treatment, we work with selected individual Licensed Treatment Centres under a written agreement.

This is a formal agreement which confers on us a similar status as a satellite unit under the licence of the Centre and is thereby approved by the HFEA.

An agreement with Altrui offers Centres direct and specific benefits:

You are able to offer a viable alternative for recipient patients with continuity of care.
Patients will return to your centre for treatment and will not need to go elsewhere.
Your patients have the opportunity of remaining in the UK for egg donation with an exclusive one-to-one donor.
Altrui will have the opportunity of referring new patients, who wish to use our services, to the Centre.


You can be assured that when a clinic refers a recipient couple to Altrui then in the normal course of events, after being carefully matched with a donor, we will always refer them back to the same clinic for treatment unless the recipients specifically request to be referred elsewhere. Thus patients return to their clinic of referral for continuity of care and treatment.

Altrui Donors

All Altrui donors are assessed, prepared and screened for their suitability and given written and verbal information about the egg donation treatment cycle during which we confirm their commitment to the process. Our intention is that all donors are fully aware of the procedures, the treatment cycle and their responsibility in the process, which minimises wasted appointment times and reduces the likelihood of donors withdrawing. In addition, we have a strong support structure and network in place to look after donors from the point of referral to completion of the cycle.

Given that all our donors are altruistic and receiving a set compensation for what they are doing, we go to great lengths to ensure that their generosity and kindness is nevertheless fully recognised, appreciated and valued by everyone involved and we ask that the clinics with whom we work continue this process.

Working with Altrui

If you are interested in working with Altrui, as a first step we request that the clinical team acquaint themselves with, and approve, the core philosophy of Altrui and fully understand the differences between working with altruistic donors as opposed to egg sharers.

If you then would like to consider entering a formal agreement, we suggest that we set up a conference call with the ‘Person Responsible’ and the egg donation co-ordinator which can then be followed up with a meeting of key personnel if it seems beneficial to take things forwards.