Becky talks about why she chose to have an Altrui tattoo to celebrate becoming an egg donor.

I think the work that Altrui does is amazing and it means a lot to me. Being an egg donor was really important to me, something I had wanted to do for a long time. I have three children of my own so knowing I have helped a woman feel the wonderful feeling of becoming a mother. I decided to get a tattoo as a permanent reminder of the donation.

I went to my usual tattoo place, which is miles away from where I live, but I get all my tattoos done there and I trust them to do beautiful artwork. The tattooist really got why I wanted this particular tattoo and he’s done a great job. He has a daughter himself so I think he understands why this is so important.

I have lots of tattoos and love getting new ones done. My mum doesn’t like my other tattoos but she thought this one was lovely. My family as a whole were so supportive and excited about me doing the egg donation. They all knew I was doing it and wanted to find out how I was and it had gone afterwards. We’re having a family get together in June and they’ll see the tattoo for the first time then.

I chose to have this in a place that people could see, partly to start a conversation and partly because I’m so proud of being an egg donor. The logo itself is a great, simple design and it works really well. Because of where it is, it attracts attention and I’ve already had a couple of conversations about how I ended up becoming an donor. I hope I have encouraged other women to see what a gift donating your eggs can be.

Becky’s tattoo was drawn by Dexterity Ink in Wrexham.

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