I chose to become an egg donor for two reasons, the first reason being that my mum was adopted by the most loving couple and this was my way of saying thank you to my grandparents. And the second reason being that my little sister is unable to have kids (or so we thought).

First donation:

If I say that I wasn’t nervous the first time then I would be lying. But the amazing support which I received from Altrui and the staff at the hospital in London made my nerves go away. There were a lot of thoughts going through my mind, like: how is my body going to react to the injections, will the injections hurt, how will they take the eggs out and will I be in pain after I have donated?

But I was happy to discover that the injections didn’t hurt whatsoever and my body reacted to them as planned. My first cycle took around two and a half weeks from the first injection to the actual donation. When I left the hospital an hour after donating I was feeling fantastic. I thought to myself hopefully the couple will be successful. But unfortunately they weren’t the first time, but were the second time they tried as they had embryos to freeze and used these.

A lot of my friends have asked if I didn’t find it weird to give my eggs to another couple who I don’t know and never will meet. And every time I explain to them, that I want to be able to help the couple fulfil their biggest dream, which is to have a baby. And that is what makes it worth it all – that sense of having done something so important and special for someone else. I guess it was this feeling of having done something so worthwhile which got me thinking about doing it again …

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