I chose to become an egg donor for two reasons, the first reason being that my mum was adopted by the most loving couple and this was my way of saying thank you to my grandparents. And the second reason being that my little sister is unable to have kids (or so we thought).

Donating eggs for the second time:

I already told Altrui that I wanted to be an egg donor again I think a week after my first donation. The other reason I decided to become a donor for a second time was because of how smoothly my first donation went. I couldn’t help but feel I wanted to help another couple, so I called up Alison and asked if I could be an egg donor for a second time and Alison said of course, give it a bit of time and that she would be in touch.

This time the donation was at a different hospital in London. I have never met such friendly hospital staff as I did there. Everyone was saying thank you and telling me that I was an amazing person for doing this. Knowing what to expect the second time round, made it so much easier for me than the first time as there were far fewer appointments and I knew just what to expect and what to do, which always helps! Also what made it different from the first cycle was that the hospital knew how I’d react to the meds, so lots of the tests and screening that I had to go through the first time didn’t need to be repeated. So this meant it was quicker with about half the number of appointments, MUCH easier!! Taking the injections and donating a second time was like taking a walk in the park. I have to admit that I am lucky because I have never had a problem with anesthetics or needles. So an hour after I donated I left the hospital and went home and I was totally pain free like the first time. I even went to work the day after.

It was when I was going through my second cycle, that I got the news that my sister was pregnant! I was sure that this was my “reward” for helping out a second couple. Unfortunately my sister lost her baby after being 6 weeks pregnant. It absolutely broke my heart but it also encouraged me, because now we all know that my sister can get pregnant and she’s not giving up!

A couple of weeks ago I had my first consultation about being a donor for a third time and I can’t wait to start my cycle so that I can help a third couple fulfil their biggest dream. I think and hope that this cycle will be even easier than the other two. It really is so easy for me to do this and completely life changing for a couple, so why not.

I know it isn’t the same for everyone and I may have been lucky, but the sense of achievement and pride that I have from doing this will stay with me forever.