Christine talks about how she supported her daughter when Natalie became an egg donor.

When Natalie first said she wanted to be an egg donor I was surprised, because she’d never mentioned it before. I didn’t realise 100% what it involved but but she talked it through with me. She was very happy to do it, so I was happy to go along with it. She was very positive about it, and she’s not a little girl any more.

What I found was really nice for me was that I used to go to the hospital with her for every appointment. So we had a couple of hours together that was just our time, and I think we got a little bit closer. We see each other all the time anyway because I look after their little one when she goes to work, but when you have a job and a family you don’t get as much time to spend together. I would ask how she felt about things and she would tell me – I’d go through it all again just for that!

Natalie’s husband went with her when she had the egg collection and I looked after the baby – it was a team effort. It’s not something you can go through totally on your own because you do need support. She felt a bit rough towards the end – a bit hormonal and teary – but we were all able to pull together. You always need your mum more in times like this. I think we’ll keep the closeness – we were close before but it was a little something extra because you don’t always get time to chat, and we had that special time.

It really was a positive experience. I’d never thought about egg donation before and it was very interesting. People were so lovely in the hospital, they really couldn’t have been nicer. And I know the lady Natalie donated to is pregnant – I feel quite excited that it’s worked! She’s happy, Natalie’s happy and I’m happy – it’s a win-win really.

To another mum whose daughter wants to be a donor, I’d say talk about it. Make sure you’re clear what’s happening, and just be there.