An Altrui couple talk about their feelings on diary day six of their two week wait. Today: the tears.

Waking up still feeling nauseous. Lovely feeling. I dragged myself into work; unable to disguise my symptoms I sat and obsessed over every pungent smell in the office. It didn’t usually smell so offensive. Opening the fridge was a definite no-no. I walked through to the main building, passed the hydrotherapy pool and the overwhelming smell of chlorine and into the main reception which oddly smelt like a pet shop. I was curious as to why my sense of smell had multiplied. Not curious enough to believe something was going on though.

It was acupuncture night tonight. My little piece of heaven in my topsy-turvey world. I explained to my therapist that I had been experiencing some nausea so he attempted to combat this throughout the session. After my treatment was over, I still had some residual nausea. However, by the time that I reached home, I was hungry and able to eat without gagging. Had my acupuncture therapist vanished away my nausea that I was secretly enjoying? Or was it coincidence?

Whilst preparing dinner with my husband, I started crying. I sobbed for the first time since embryo transfer. I just wanted to find out NOW. We had waited so patiently surely we deserved to find out. But once again, not wanting to break the rules; we refrained from taking the test. I dried my tears and tucked into a yummy dinner.