Kelly recently donated eggs for the second time with Altrui. Here she talks about her collection day and what it was like waiting to hear whether the donation had been a success.

Wednesday – collection day

I slept so well last night, which I was not expecting. Bathed, shaved and set off to the city, listening to my chillout album on my iPod to calm me down, nervous, excited, scared – so many emotions running though me this morning, my heart is pounding with the extra load of mixed feelings.

I’m checked in, all my forms signed, my goodwill message sorted, I am in my flattering hospital blue bottomless gown and groovy surgeons hat… I walk in to the operating theatre slowly trying to hide my bum by walking with my back to the wall, I got in to the the saddle feeling exposed and vulnerable as it isn’t the most private position, then that was it!

I woke up with my husband on one side and the clinic’s Donor Coordinator, Jane on the other. ‘It’s over,’ Jane said. Over? Really, I don’t remember anything. I was properly sedated, wow! I can’t believe it my second egg donation is over, kinda sad in a way.

Then I spent the next 2 hours drifting in and out of sleep, waking to vomit. Jane brought me though a card and gift from the couple, thanking me. I felt so special.

Before I left the consultant Martin checked on me, gave me an anti-sickness injection and let me know that 16 eggs were collected. Wahoo!


Another amazing night’s sleep and I woke up bright as a button, a little crampy but nothing more than period pains.

Weighed myself, gained 7lbs!! That’d better be water retention!

Jane called me: 12 out of the 16 eggs fertilised with the couple’s sperm, so 12 little chances to try make a miracle/s.

Lovely Cathy, Alison, & Sarah called me from Altrui, to congratulate me. I feel so amazing and needed – its a lovely feeling, it really is. Altrui have helped me with two journeys, journeys I will never forget and who knows, maybe next year I’ll help someone else?

One Monday several weeks later…

Awoke all glum; typical Monday morning blues, I had such a great weekend with my family in the sun. Glad I checked my emails before leaving for work!

From Jane: “Wanted to let you know that the recipient has had a positive pregnancy test which is wonderful. X”

OMG it was a success! I cried with happiness. The other lady must be over the moon too, finally some hope for the couple!

I just couldn’t wait to tell everyone that supported me so well through the donation – texts all sent out. I really owe this to them too.

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