An Altrui couple talk about their feelings on diary day seven of their two week wait. Today: is nausea a good sign?

This morning we met friends for breakfast which was lovely as it kept my mind active whilst doing lovely things, and eating yummy food. It was not until after eating breakfast (and a large slice of coffee cake) that I started to feel nauseous. I have never felt so happy to feel sick. In my usual fashion, I suppressed my delight. It was most likely due to the giant piece of cake that I had just consumed at record speed. Or perhaps food poisoning? Or nerves and anxiety? Or… I have run out of suggestions. I spent the rest of the day gagging at the thought of eating; forcing myself to eat a banana was a task in itself. Still secretly gleeful with my nausea we spent the rest of the day on the sofa pondering over my symptoms. In an attempt to take our minds off the obvious, we joined my mum and her husband at the pub quiz in the evening. Being in a pub with the smell of beer and pub grub only highlighted my queasiness.

For the first time since embryo transfer, we discussed, albeit briefly carrying out a pregnancy test early. After all, it appeared that I was indeed showing some signs of pregnancy. I’m not sure if I believe in fate but if I did surely this would tempt it. We had been given strict instructions about when to take our pregnancy test. It would be foolish to do it before. I am not sure how we mustered up the strength to stop ourselves but we did.