I don’t know about you, but New Year’s Resolutions with me are pretty much guaranteed to be broken by now. If, like me, you enthusiastically make them on New Years Eve, with a good few drinks inside you, surrounded by friends, it’s easy to wave your arms around in the air and say “YES!! I can do that!”. You don’t necessarily give much thought to the commitment it will take, or think about just how much you like chocolate yourself. GIVE IT UP?? PLEEEASE!

I guess that might be why New Year’s resolutions break down so easily (Like most people, by the end of January I’ve already ditched mine). They are made at a time when all is well with the world – problems for that moment are surrounded by a haze of bonhomie and anyway, tomorrow is another day.

So it’s humbling to think of the women who make a commitment to become an egg donor, and really, totally stick to it. Their sense of responsibility, resolve and commitment is exemplary. I know how easy it is to give up when it gets too difficult or isn’t convenient, but unlike giving up chocolate or alcohol, this commitment and resolve to change someone’s life is pretty serious.

Our Altrui donors have resolved to give up far more than the odd bar of chocolate. They are life changers and life givers. Frankly it puts my efforts to shame, which is why I’ve made a new resolution for 2014 – and this one, I intend to stick to.