Time to start the process

It’s been a couple of months since I saw the consultant for the first time in London and I feel now is a good time for me to start the process. Since I last saw the consultant I have told my parents and a couple of chosen friends about my intention. On the whole everyone is really supportive and inquisitive to the process. It has thrown up many issues for debate such as my rights over the child when born etc. I feel armed with enough information about the process from my conversations with Alison, meeting with the consultant and information packs to talk through the process and the legal implications. I am handing over all legal rights to the recipient couple, however the child will always know they are created from a donor egg and as such has a right to know its donor at the age of 18. It’s fascinating listening to other people’s opinions about egg donation, it seems to be a taboo subject for many. It has confirmed to me it really isn’t for everyone, but also some people are interested enough to perhaps consider being a donor themselves.

I currently have the contraceptive implant (IUD) in my arm. This needs to be removed to start my cycle again and I also need to sign the consent forms before the treatment process can start. I have booked an appointment to see the consultant again to complete the paperwork and find out more about the specifics surrounding the drugs.