Before egg donation treatment

A week after my trip to London I have received a letter from the consultant giving a debrief of our meeting. My bloods have all come back – they were checked for traces of hereditary diseases such as spina bifida and also other diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis, and they were found to be clear.

The internal examination had also determined my eggs looked healthy and as such I looked like a good candidate to proceed if I so wished. This is great news and quite a relief! I have spoken to Alison and told her my intention to go through with the treatment. However, we have lots of family commitments in the coming couple of months, weddings and school holidays so I want to put the treatment off until the end of the summer. Alison is really encouraging; she reiterates that starting the treatment is really on my terms so treatment will start when I’m ready.

I have always gone into this process being very open and am of the opinion that I would like to know as much about my donor if the tables were turned. It is completely up to the donor and the recipient couple individually whether they want to give out any information about themselves to the other party. If you want to remain anonymous it is absolutely your right. I have decided with I am happy for the recipients to know as much about me as they wish.

I have received a lovely letter of support and thanks prior to treatment. It makes the process seem much more real and I am pleased to know more about their situation. It affirms my reason for wanting to go through the process. I’ve decided not to reply yet though, I shall reply once I have signed the consent forms and decided on a date to start treatment.