The last few days have been quite strange as the fate of my eggs is out of my hands. I no longer have to do anything. No more injections, appointments or phone calls to the hospital.

It’s really odd, but nice, to be back to normality and I suppose it’s now I realise how much I was doing.

I think I have taken it all in my stride but I now realise how much I need to be thankful to my family for making my life easier throughout for childcare, cooking me meals, running me hot baths and generally being positive towards the situation.

I feel like it’s been a little team effort from my family and close friends – their reaction to the news the implant of the two eggs has so far been successful just goes to show we are all so delighted and excited for someone none of us have any idea about.

I think this is great and a testimony to how great my family and close friends are, but also to how egg donation is such a positive thing to bring people together.